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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Psychic wins $193 from Daily Mail for libel

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A British psychic who allegedly speaks with the dead has won a substantial legal settlement from a British newspaper that claimed she "deliberately and dishonestly" tricked an Irish audience.

The Daily Mail has agreed to pay psychic Sally Morgan $193,000 in damages for a September 2011 article that claimed she used a hidden earpiece during the performance in order to appear as if she were receiving messages from the spiritual world, the Guardian reported.

The article, written by magician Paul Zenon, made the allegation after two women who attended the Dublin performance told a call-in radio program that they thought they had heard two crew members saying something which Mrs Morgan had then repeated on stage.


However, Tom Chivers, an editorial writer for the Telegraph, pointed out that the judgment centered around whether she used an earpiece, not whether she really talks to the dead.


Sally Morgan, British Psychic, Wins $193K Lawsuit Against Daily Mail For 'Charlatan' Claim

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