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Still Waters

Which Comes First -- Optimism Or Good Health?

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Still Waters

Boosting optimism, defined as the general expectation that the future will be favorable, could provide new ways to improve health, some researchers believe. But scientists remain unsure if optimism precedes health improvements, or vice versa.

Julia Boehm, a psychologist at Harvard University, and her colleagues performed what she describes as one of the first studies to investigate a measurable link between psychological and physiological health.


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Grandpa Greenman

It is hard to optimistic when your sick and or not well fed. Pain will harsh your day.

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optimism is a negative trait so it cant b a positive source of anything

wat is optimism?

it is seein the top by being down, while this is the end of evil will, living positively through inferiority, when inferiority is about reaching to force superiority down n pretend living over it

how is it possible to b over what is superior???? the answer, by forcin inferiority to exist

what can force inferiority to exist??? wat is not superior

n wat is not superior???? nothing but free

how nothing is real???? bc nothing to truth essence but all to truth end which is free

so nothing to superiority while free, so this is the base of evil, the belief that truth is about being free same

so living cant b but about creations of fake things to enjoy in same ways and invent others things when freedom loose its positive energy by getting bored from fake

while objectively inventing or will smthg dont make it happen this is why wills n creations show their ends being by force, wether forcin else or even themselves of being wat they want

good health base is right

wat is right???

right is the freedom that recognize constantly how superiority is its base

how it is free bc superiority is the truth

right is wat prove being superiority existence since beyond superiority by being able to recognize it out of it n without being it

when truth is infinite superiority, then good is a consequence constancy from aknowledgin then how negative cant exist

the absence of negative is the reason of positive fact

which is the source of freedom rights that would come out to recognize superiority reasons of positive ends

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