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Mad Cow

A Haunting Experience

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The events I am writing below actually happened, as told by my aunt (my dad's sister), and also what I had experienced staying in her house and at my dad's house years ago. It has been staying with me and owes much to my faith in God.

My aunt, her husband, and their two children (boy and girl, my cousins) were a typical American family. My uncle was a severe alcoholic, and my aunt came from a family (all her brothers, sister, and my dad included) addicted to drugs and alcohol. So my aunt and uncle were not in a sound state of mind, but if I didn't see it myself I'd discredit my aunt's claims.

They lived in Millville, NJ, not the nicest place to live but decent enough. They used to live in a building that was "two houses in one" on Broad Street. They lived in the left side and another family lived in the right. It looks similar to the house in this picture:


Anyway, they lived after they first got married and my cousins were little. At first, things seemed fine. But then weird things began to happen.

The first incident was at night when they sat for dinner. They were eating and the front door flew open. My uncle got up and closed it and it remained closed till my aunt was taking a shower and suddenly the front door opened again. The reason why she knew this was because my uncle had gone to work and my cousins were over a friend's house. My aunt heard the door open and a woman's voice spoke the name "Marjorie," the name of my uncle's mother. This freaked my aunt out and she quickly called my uncle to tell him what happened.

Another incident involved my aunt and cousins witnessing several spirits—dressed in suits, fedoras, and Victorian-style dresses—walking up and down the staircase at varying intervals throughout the day. They usually went upstairs, but sometimes they'd go downstairs and immediately disappear.

My aunt claims that words were scribbled on the walls in gibberish. She'd try to communicate by writing back but all that she received was gibberish. Once, a phone call came and a voice again said "Marjorie."

My dad came to visit once and he said he saw the ghost of their mother standing outside under a tree. (My dad was adopted, so it was his biological mother he saw.)

My aunt says after a year of this she and my uncle left after stuff was thrown across the house, they'd hear knocking, and one night my aunt went to sleep and my uncle was already asleep but my aunt woke up in the middle of the night and found the spirit of an old man sitting in a chair in the bedroom staring at her and trying to get in bed with her.

They left Broad Street and moved to a nice house further in Millville. But the horror continued. It wasn't as bad—a few missing items and some doors opening. I visited that house a lot and felt uneasy, believing something to be there. (I have a strong faith in Jesus and I can detect when a house doesn't feel right.) I never saw anything in that house; it wasn't until I went to visit my dad in his trailer that my experiences began.

The last experience my aunt told me was that she went to bed one night (my uncle was working late) and suddenly the bedroom was engulfed in a deep red light and she heard the voice of the Devil tell her to abandon her faith in God.

The experiences boiled over to my father's life. He lived in a trailer in Vineland (two actually) and the ghosts must have followed him.

I've experienced mirrors breaking and one night I felt something approach me and I told it to go away or I'd pray to Jesus and it left.

My dad was adopted so he hung a picture of his adopted mom on the wall. Well, one day we were sitting in the living room and suddenly the picture fell off the wall and broke. A mirror cracked and we both felt sick all day.

The face of my dad's biological mom would appear on the computer monitor, and her ghost would show up in the trailer and haunt him. This happened after he met her for the first time and she died a day afterward.

He had a Yorkshire terrier and the ghosts would terrorize the poor thing.

The phone would ring off the hook. The radio would magically turn on by itself. His car would never start.

One of my aunt's brothers (and my dad's biological brother, too) is a devout Catholic and one time he went to visit my aunt and hairy, four-foot tall horned demons jumped out from the drawers in a spare dresser and attacked him.

Ever since my aunt, my dad, and their entire family has been plagued by bad luck. My dad fell mentally unstable, went homeless, and is suffering greatly. He abandoned his faith in God and he's living in a rehab center after being brutally beaten and stabbed in a poor neighborhood. My uncle is still a drunk and I don't know what has come of my aunt. I am guessing my two cousins have started their own lives.

I am NOT lying at all. Nothing of these ghosts has terrorized me yet, but I think it's because of my faith in God. But it does make me wonder if it's the reason why my dad is the way he is.

He's been homeless and lost everything, he's lost it completely....

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Apart from the mirror breaking and feeling something approach you, what else have you experienced?

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Apart from the mirror breaking and feeling something approach you, what else have you experienced?

Well, I've actually seen a ghost at my dad's trailer. Kind of scary.

I was taking a shower and I felt uneasy. It was a walk-in shower with a glass door. Well I opened it and I saw a face in the bathroom mirror. I closed the door, and the feeling didn't go away. So I opened it again and I saw the ghost of a man in a brown suit and fedora sitting on the toilet staring at the wall. After a moment he slowly turned his head and he looked at me then disappeared.

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