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"Spiritual Healing" energys, spirits, Entitys

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Hi there! :st

I´m new here to this forum and was wondering, if there´s an organisation some where out there or may be even in this forum here who has ever tried to figure out What or Who those Healing spirits are that some spiritual healers work with? :alien::cat:

If not, I´d be more than glad to help you around with it to figure that out, what´s behind the scenes in such healing modalitys because I am a spiritual healer myself and a Reiki master and have also some other Reiki Energys that I´m attuned in like also some much stronger healing modalitys, that may even straighten one´s spine should it be not straight.

But to let something like that happen, that may take at least three healing sessiones of that tipe of healing modality. By now you may understand, that to make something like That to happen, there sure must be something much stronger to be able to do something like that unlike Reiki would ever manage to attain something like that.

Of course, I´d be doing those experiments with you guys on my behalf free of charge like I did to so many in the past already - for free. Money isn´t everything! ... to finally figure out, who those spiritual healing beings really are.

All that I´d need is a volunter to whom I may send that healing energy to as a healing session or a few of them with all of the different healing energys eighter combined together or seperate, so you may see then which is which energy if anything may become visible on your instruments and the one who´s receiving it, would then report about the session, what she´s felt during that healing session and so would I because during that time I´d be spiritualy connected with that person.

Additionally you guys could, ... would set up your "Ghost Busters Equipment" to try to capture that or those images of that or those spirits of healing energys that I would then be sending to that volunter of yours. Preferred is a woman since they are more likely to talk freely and truthfully about their experienc/es unlike men would be, so my experiences in the past that I´ve send men healing sessiones to. They talked as little as possible about their experiences.

That woman may also be a person who has some ailments that are hard to heal from medical doktors so that way, that healing energy would be even much more active on that person in doing the healing meaning, more spiritual activitys would be then registered in and by that person like getting very warm to even very hot hands or feet, feeling things like ant walkings on some parts of her body or being even touched by hands or even feeling a kind of electricity flowing through her spine, should she have a spine probleme.

All that I would need to know about that person would be only her first name and country of location because of the time difference from Germany to her place. Of course, if she´s a member in this forum here and has an "even a fantasy name" as a user name here, that would be also more then enough to me. I could even send a short healing session over the internet while she´d be online sitting in front of her pc but it´s better to make an appointment for a much longer session to come.

Such a session may take up to an hour or longer depending of the illness that she has. Of course, should this person decide to walk away at the start of the long distance session after it had started, or somewhere in between, I will feel that as well and will then interrupt that session because it´s no use in sending a healing energy or craft to that couch or bed location to do a healing onto the bed? What´s also quite interesting is that animals like dogs who have been near her owner before I or some other spiritual healer has started to send the owner the healing over the distance, at first everything´s been fine but as soon as I´ve started the sending or some other spiritual healers did the same, the dog or dogs would suddenly go crazy and want to leave that area ASAP!! :o I guess that at that time they´ve instinctaniously have feld something unwell with them but as soon as they´ve too have experienced that healing craft onto themselves, they´ve loved it. Well I guess, when one or a pet doesn´t know something or someone, one gets always kinda scared untill one beginns to appriciate that what ever needs to get appriciated.

I´m sure that that spirit or the craft of healing wouldn´t appreciate that neighter, would someone just want to walk away during the beginn of a healing session, it´s like being at a doctor´s place who´s about to examin you and you suddenly just get up by yourself and walk away.

You may then send me a pn, that we may then communicate about that session, about what "she´s" experienced during that healing session and what "I have", how much sending time it took and what I´ve been getting for signals off that healing craft that indicated to me, what that person´s got of health problemes (if that isn´t about you but instead of someone else, may be an older person laying in a hospital bed or so) Of course, I am not allowed to make any kind of medical diagnoses but those diagnoses are only for you to see, to let you know, to show to you how right or wrong I may have been or not about your health problemes, if there should be any. :whistle:

For more deteils, write me a pn when someone´s interested in it, like a spiritual "ghost hunter organization" with Hi-Tech equipment to fotograph, film and to collect all kinds of scientific datas with their equipment. Aditionally, one may even publish these facts on youtube or where ever to show at last, who these spiritual healing beings really are, IF they can be captuned.

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You seem to be looking for evidence to support your beliefs. Am I correct? The evidence you seek seems to be such as would satisfy the scientific community. Am I correct? My problem then is that you are playing into the hands of scientists. Maybe science is not equipped to deal with everything in life.

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:st pantodragon

You seem to be looking for evidence to support your beliefs. Am I correct?

No, you are not correct ;) I believe in those things already since I´m using such spiritual healing crafts as good as more often a day. ;)

The evidence you seek seems to be such as would satisfy the scientific community. Am I correct?

Not only them but also other people alike! Wouldn´t it be great if there´d be at least one such family member who´d have such a skil and to as good as never again to get ill again? Just imagine, you´ll getting a cold but you don´t allow that to happen, so you just activate your spiritual healing friends, lay your own hand or hands onto your throat, chest area when you have an about to breake out cold, cough or just above or onto your nose, to prevent a stuffy nose to happen and within 4-5 minutes, that cold disappears no matter where you are at just that moment!! Wouldn´t that be great to do just that??

My problem then is that you are playing into the hands of scientists.

Why not? lets proove to them that everything´s possible even things that they may never understand and how these things work.

Maybe science is not equipped to deal with everything in life.

That of course IS so unfortunatelly!! But what about Ghost Busters! They sure are equiped with scientific Technologys, that would be able to reviel such spiritual healings, Who IT or They are, don´t you think my friend from very far away ?? B)

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