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Mystery/Paranormal/Crypto podcasts out there?

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Sorry in advance if this is the wrong section to ask this in, it seemed to fit in here.

I'm looking for some recommendations for podcasts that talk and discuss matters in general about Mysteries/Conspiracies/Cryptids/Supernatural things. Firstly, because I enjoy listening to them, but also I love having a good podcast to listen to while I'm trying to get to sleep.

For the past two months I've been listening to Skepticality at night, specifically their Monster Talk podcasts, and I've really enjoyed a great deal of them, as well as had some decent night's sleep for a change, but sadly the Monster Talk podcasts quickly get listened to and new ones are rarely uploaded, so after listening to some over again, I've decided I need another podcast to migrate over to.

Various similar enquiries around the web point to Mysterious Universe as the best podcast for all things paranormal, cryptozoological, or mysterious in general, but as far as I've been able to see most of the podcasts require payment in order to listen to, so that's out.

Are there any other podcasts people would recommend?

- S

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Give Skeptoid a try. They're relatively short (15 minutes or so) and cover the spectrum of paranormal topics.

Monster Talk is one of the best. They're on hiatus until July, but should be back with new episodes biweekly.

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Alas that I didn't see this topic earlier because luckily for you TheSpoonyOne, there is a lot paranomral podcasts out there which I can recommend to you.

- Coast To Coast AM


- Planet Paranormal

There you can find some interesting podcasts of various Paranormal radio show.


- Paranormal Underground


- Beyond Reality Radio

These are podcasts made in 2007 by the founders of T.A.P.S Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

They discussed various paranormal topics.



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