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God, the universe and everything else

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God, the universe and everything else


Click here to watch video - 52:11s

Stephen Hawking, Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan discuss the universe, existence and alien life.

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Why are the laws of Nature (or God's Laws) always examined mathematically and not by personal experiences. I have yet to hear/see one explanation of a natural occurrence explained because of a personal experience.

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because the church had issues with the early world of science, the answer was always " shut up and do what we tell you".

that battle then turned into " shut up , i know the answers... but its to lofty for you to understand " and " shut up or you will go to hell " with the side battle " let me mix these to chemicals together , and im sure i will know then "

now the battle is " when you learn the right mathmatical theory you will understand " with the side battle " shut up or god be praised i will blow you up "

frankly speaking , both the church and science have for so long been fighting each other with such passion ... that neither has anything to say that any one needs to listen to seriously ...

its concepts and data that will lead you away .... into truth .

1) ufo's are real ... where they are from is not clear.

2) angels , demons and ghosts are real ... what they really are is not clear.

3) people who tell you to shut up , need to be silenced .

4) science is funding , follow the money .

5) church is funding , follow the money .

6) if it seems obvious , there is just this one detail that does not make sense ... your likely on the right path .

1)the smallest ( least) goverment is the best goverment.

2)stand together or hang seprately

3) the population of the jail system is the degree of failure of any court (law) system.

4)when a people can not get justice in the courts , they get justice in the street .

5) an armed society is a polite society


systems of numbers can reduce what i have said into formula .

civil people can then reduce the formula to law .

human nature being what it is , control freaks will enforce the law in ways it was never intended , crimnals will stand at the line and hop back and forth over the line ... untill more laws are used as patch and exception ... untill it falls apart .

mathmatics is the language of god .

religon is the language of con men and theives.

law is for those lawless among us .

truth is something wholely diffrent .

if god never makes a mistakes , and god made you , then your not a mistake .

deer are not good at being tigers .

you personaly are a perfect expression of a form/function driven math problems answer.

as such , you in person , are singularly unique in all of time and space , in all of infinite space , for all of eternity .

it is unreasonable to then ask for a universal law answer to a unique and personal question of order... that only works for you.

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