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Returning dreams.

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Ever since i can remember, i dream of having a telekinetic powers.

I have always believed that there is something more, while my parents don't..

About 5 years ago, when i was 12/13. I was a true believer, i even got a pentagram necklace..

But all of that was just a phase, although my 'supernatural' dreams keep returning.

Its annoying, because the dreams are so real.

Can someone help me out with this, it is starting to freak me out.

I always have dreams about 'magic'?

I don't know how to call it, seeing as im not English..

Also, i dont know if this was made up for myself or if its true.

But when i was a little kid, i saw a man walk through a wall..

Or something like that, i was at home and i saw a face coming out of something.

Like i said, i was a little kid. But still i wonder if something like that is possible.

Up untill i was 13/14 whenever i closed my eyes, i saw 'visions' i saw things happen, faces i've never seen before..

One time i was at my friends house, she started to talk about her moms dead friend.

I closed my eyes and saw how she looked like.. I described her to my friend and she couldn't believe it.. I was right?

Anyways, these are just a couple of things. I just want some answers.. I don't know what to think of all of this...

Please someone help me..

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Check out the astral FAQs thread which is pinned at the top of this section and the link is in my sig. That would be a good start in understanding the potentials and experiences of exploring 'consciosuness' and other levels/realms. The thread holds a completely serious and experimental view to it. Other things which could be going on, which are also discussed in that thread is clairvoyance (third eye sight) or 'mental projection', mediumship.

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I am nut sure what exactly do you want. You claim you have supernatural dreams that you wish you don't have anymore? That's kind a illogical statement since almost all of the dreams have some sort of supernatural element in them. I haven't heard about people who dream only about daily mundane activities. From which country you are? It might be cultural thing, f.i. lot of people in south Asia have specific dreams.

anyway, it would be good idea to get your mind focused and ask specific questions about what exactly is bothering you.

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