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Brian Topp

Armory apparitions

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And we laugh at the yellow tabloid journalim of the late 1900s because today's journalists are such professionals.

Not only is this story in the "news" section, there's also not a single mention of other explanations for such orbs. Neither is there any mention of any evidence that points to any connection between aledged ghosts and these orbs.

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I, for one, am sick of hearing about orbs. It's pretty clear that there's nothing paranormal about them, yet just about every paranormal research I've come across cites orbs as proof of a haunting.

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Not for me! As far as I'm concerned, it's not a ghost if:

it's an orb.

it's ectoplasm.

it's a reflection in A ) a mirror

B ) a glass pane such as a window or picture frame

or C ) any tangled mess or brush, branches, vines, or trees

it's blurry.

it can't be verified. No matter how scared you were, how exciting the experience, how convincing the evidence, if someone else isn't there to be the control and verify what you saw/heard/experienced, then it's just a personal experience.

I personally have had a couple of personal experiences, but was anyone there? No. So they're just that, personal experiences that are also good stories.

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