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personal expearence that seems to have god

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Use this thread to tell us about your persanol expearance you have had in which god had to be involved.

Please, discuss these expearances, but no name calling or calling someone a lier. Thanks.

I have three

I have told two of them before.

The day I was born, my first thought was so this is life. I alo remember seeing moving shadows. My mom told me that she thought I was six montgs old. But, I don't think I would be thinking that thought if I had come from another life to this one.

When I was working for pony express, I had trouble getting a key in a bank door. Which I had naver had any trouble with before or after. Shortly after living the bank I was involved in an accident with a ladywho had blacked out. I had tempted to turn out of her way. She hit in the rear wheel area, which slowed her down enough for another driver to run over and stop her car. If she had kept going there was a hill just before the next light. No one would have seen her coming.

One night when I was driving cab in salt lake. I saw a box on the street and I was going to just run over it. It tuned out to be a person out cold on the street. Luckily I was able to stop in time and I used my cab to block traffic in that line. I wasn't the only ne to stop, but I was the only to stop between him and traffic.

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