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Ultra-rare orange lobster

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What a catch: Ultra-rare orange lobster surfaces in seafood department at Clay Price Chopper -

Clay, NY -- There's something a little odd about one of the lobsters swimming around this week in the tank at the seafood department of the Price Chopper in Clay. Or maybe you would say a little off-color.

"It looks like it's been cooked already, but it's alive," said Clay store mananger Jeff Snyder. "It's mixing it up in there with all the other lobsters."

This lobster is orange, a relatively bright hue that will be familiar to local sports fans but unlike the typically drab brownish-green color you see in most live lobster tanks.

In the wild, finding a lobster that color is supposed to be a 1 in 10 million chance.

Price Chopper stores in Upstate New York have landed a trove - including the Clay specimen they have at least six, in stores in Binghamton, Middletown, Guilderland and Glens Falls, where there are two.


That's the store I usually do my grocery shopping at. I'm glad they are sending these to aquariums.

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that's gonna make for good eatin :clap:

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