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Eyewitness Blinking White UFO: China FL006

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This YT clip is a summary of the main events of an unexpected 6 mile plunge of a China Airlines 747 flight in 1985. Fortunately, the pilots were able to regain control at the very last minute and land the plane shortly afterwards.

The National Geographic channel has an interview with Seksan Caniyo, a passenger on that flight, who had an extraordinary story to tell. He said that just before the problems with the aircraft experiencing the effects associated with 'clear air turbulence' and the loss of power to engine 4:

"I thought there was some light blinking at the tip of the wing. It looked like a cone, but when I looked back this time I didn't see no cone."

In light of the TWA 800 accident where around 200 people witnessed a streak of white light just before the engine explosion, I think that this is relevant and adds support to the hypothesis that biological UFOs are the cause of both calamitous accidents.

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