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The Qeustion

Apocalyptic Dream/Nightmare

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Hello my name is well you can just call me Auron seems to fit me nicely or the qeustion if you'd like, what your about to read will be a summery of the month or so SYQENCE of dreams that came to me every time i slept, along with a few other side notes at the end, there is so much to this that i am writeing a book, this is obviously done but book 1 needs to be written before this one, to sum up all the loose ends. This took place when i was a child and i had no ideal who Lilith was, i am no saint if any thing i'm far from it, not excatly close to the darkness but unable to understand the blind faith some seem to have. Enough of my rambling let us...begin our journey

I was driveing home threw the woods, there was no lights other than that on the car, but as i got closer to town i tought i saw sun light or street lamps from over the top of trees, however when i emerge the whole town was on fire as the sky gave illumnateing glow. My mind started raceing and as it did, my attention to the road faltered and i fliped it, i race down the rest of the block to find the house engulfed but i was spared the worry of where my family was, as they were strung out on the fence dead the chain fence seem to wrape in and out of there bodys...what was left of the bodys, i fell to my knees hanging my head as i cryed, my arms limp to my side. The only movement i made was when i went berzerk, my face and arms went upward to the ash in the sky as i let out a roar/moan, my arms came down beating the ground as i tryed to bury my head, sorrow consumed me with silence only to be broken by the heckling of the flames. A demonic voice spoke out to me "you did all this in a way, they were quite determin to keep your location hidden even when i so graciously offered a quick death as a reward, and let here you are regardless of there efforts" he circled me as his words crippled any movement i would other wise make. He laughed "this is whats suppose to be the end game, the one thats suppose to stop me HA" he grabe my face and said "so much anger and sarrow in your eyes, how dose it feel being betrayed by god and those who are suppose to watch over you humans" he let go of me as i stood up and he made me a propersistion " those you love are dead and the light has betrayed you, and to have you serve me would be a mockery to the light, so i'm willing to make you a deal, join me i will make you my 2nd in command give you an army to rule, power, women to fufill your lust, join me and become my knight to root out the others who may oppose my rule" i replyed "on one condition, if we ever find some one i wish to protect/save, you nore your allies may not harm them or lead them into harms way thus the deal will be broken". I sense the demon was smileing "very well, honerable to the end lets hope you serve me with such respect" he cut his hand and motion for me to do the same...and I did, but when we shook hands his blood burned into mine, and from there the man i was...was erased, i could feel him in my head, riping out of memorys, tareing apart my life removeing my morals, those i knew that i cared for i could't help but let out a scream as it started to turn into a howl, but there was one in my mind i kept her hidden tho to this day i dont know why she was part of my memorys, possibly a spiritual tie to her... and so as i started to black out in the dream, that was the end of 1 dream

i will skip quite a bit from here on out no one needs to know of the rivals i slayed that qeustioned the king

some nights when i went into the dream realm my char was sleeping, he was dreaming of this long dark hair women, no voice, her touch calm my hunger for war, we kinda spoke to each other threw our eyes... lol silent partners my dream self would be awoken to orders to report to the king for my assiment, he was sending me after a witch in the forest that had been causeing quite some trouble to our armys of undead aka cannon fodder, i tought it was odd i was being sent to deal with a human, but i never qeustioned him...and so i did what i was told, my skin was usly hidden from me by my armor, my view was from the eyes of my dream self, moveing forwered i find the witch neer the road in the woods, she darted between the trees with such quick movement i was surprise to see such speed by a human, cosently darting out to attack me then back into the shadows she spoke out "so he sends his lacky to strike at me down, good luck your not the first demon i'v delt with" even as we fought it seem like a dance between warriors. I talked to her as we fought "your quite the warrior, lasting longer than most who were struck down by my blade" she replys "a compliment from a demon thats new" as she leep at me from the trees for another attack i grab her by the neck and rip away her weapon, as i star at her shadowy face most wraped by cloth as the rest coverd by a hood...she replys "why dont you just end it, i'm tired" i reply to her "the king wants you brought back alive"

***time pass on our way back***

we exchange a few stares at each other, as i carryed her in both arms saying little to each other but she was the one who broke the silence "arnt you worried i'll break free and kill you" i reply "why would i worry i've already bested you" she got pist and replyed "mark my words i will beat you the next we fight and we will fight agine" after that she got quite for the rest of the trip we got to the demon's fortress and i set her on the ground, she stood up infront of the king. he walked towards her and grinned and said "hello my sweet so lovely to see you agine" she replys "i am nothing sweet to you" the king replys to her comment with a mockery tone "aww i had hope to make you my queen as you were so long ago"... "might as well kill me" she replyed to him, as we took her out side to cut her down he pushed her on the ground and her mask came off, he rip off her hood as her face was revealed to was the same women who i hid from him, i spoke out "i know her i want to evoke our deal, i want to protect her" the king looked at me with hatered engulfing his eyes "you CAN NOT! KNOW HER, she MUST DIE" she looked at me as his blade came down... but just before it hit her neck, it hit my sword, the sword i was given to by the king, which power was suppose to match my loality to him, to ensure my slavery, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU SERVE ME" said the king, "i envoke the deal, i will watch over her" i replyed, "YOU DARE TO BETRAY ME, I AM YOUR MASTER!" he screamed right before I swung my sword throwing him off into the distance "you are the one who betrayed me" i cut the women loose as she yelled at the king "i see your still haveing trouble with the help" he started raceing over to us as i met him half way and our swords ecoed like thunder with every strike, "I GAVE YOU EVERY THING AND YOU DARE BETRAY ME FOR HER, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO SHE IS" he screamed as we fought, "i envoked the deal i dont care who she is or what shes done she is under my protection" i said as my sword broke, and he grabe my neck and threw me, then walked over to me "first i kill you, then i'll kill her" he said as he look down on me in disguist, but before he could strike at me, a loud growl howlered threw the earth as what appeared to be a portable tank or a suit up van smashed into him throwing him into his own fortress, the doors open and they motion for the women to get in, she would't leave me behind tho, resentfully the commander brought me on, it was a small group only 4 all of which i never heard there names, the driver/tec, the commander, the grunt and the witch and now the knight, the commander wanted me to remove my armor but i refuse, with the witch's convenceing he unwillingly allowed it to remain on, i was taken to a small outpost they had deep in the forest it appears the witch's magic shielded the life in the area and offered other benefits, i was kept under watch usly by her as we sat on the roof, and talked, i dont reamember her lookling like a snake she was quite lovely but she could have kept her true for hidden, i did from every one else but she got me to take my armor off one night at least my helmet, she put her hand on my face as i turn slightly wanting to put my armor back on we spoke more.

excuss my spelling getting tired

over time her and i got more intimate even tho she was with the commander relationship wise, it was obvious her and i, when we dule it was like two serpents wrapeing around each other, she and i would leap dodge, and trip the other, we were the only ones who could give the other a fight and when we did't use weapons it got pretty pysical lol her and me usly ended up on the ground wrestling yea ok she won some times but as our bond for each other grew we wanted to protect each other even more, our love for each other was eventully our undoing.

skiping forwerd we formulated a plan a holy blade that was lost in legend we had gotten a possable location, no other weapon other than a devine or darkness could harm the demon, we did retrive it but it burned me who was suppose to use it, i and lilith were the only two in the group who could match the dark lord's speed, i had suggested we break it down and form it into two blades, she contested saying its to risking if something were to happen in the process we r left with no blades at all, lilith put a enchant on my guantlet to allow me to carry the weapon, as our team tryed to come up with a plan to infritrate the dark lord's now reinforce stronghold driveing around scouting the area, we came across someone traped by zombies, we resecued him and he informed us he was with a squad working on pushing forwerd into the stronghold he was the scout whale the others had gotten killed, all the pices were in place, we would attack the next night but i...i waited till she went to bed i could't risk loseing her, i went off on my own to end this, in hope that when it was all over her and i could start a new, geting close to the stronghold tho the lack of zombie presence unnerved me they started pooring out of buildings swarming around me, lilith jump down from one of the buildings, i stood there dumb founded, "your not suppose to be here" i said as she replyed "i wont tell if you wont, good thing i fallowed you i cant belive you got ambush by zombies" i looked at her and said "i tought i smelled rain fall" she laugh as she responded "i figer you would, i had to mask it with dirt" our backs went up agenst each other as the battle began, we protected each other as the fight went on but we slowly drifted apart with our strikes at the undead, roars from the demons in the distance was herd as the rest of the squad rolled up, zombies are easy, demons a pack or two of them would give me and lilith a run for our skills, the others would be fairly useless, they grabe me and tryed pulling me bk in as some one hollered at the commander saying she was to far out, that if they drove to her the whole ride would break down on the spot, the scout knocked out the commander as we refuse to leave her, the grunt bash my head over and over, as another held me best they could, " I CAN REACH HER LET ME GO " my words turned into howls of pain as the demons reach her postion i could hear her crys out for me...i can still here it after so long i can still hear her calling for me... her screams were the last i heard before they bashed my head in so badly i passed out.

From that point on is the only time me and the commander got along, we both lost her and we both wanted vengence for them taking her, the plan was him and the driver would take the ride after droping the rest of us off at the dock, and would go destroy the one who had taken my place as 2nd in command, as me, the scout and the grunt assulted a building that supposely held human captives, i ask why not take more with him, or why not have me strike down the 2nd in command, commander wanted it to be by his weapon. We did both agree that the holy weapon should be kept some where safe to be hidden incase things dont end well for either party and so we set out in our plans of madness nether of us could handle loseing her. I the grunt and scout had gotten into the building quite enough, now to find the captives, but as we walked further in, i called out to them to get out now, demons drop down blocking our escape as she called out "still able to recognize my presence hmm"... it was lilith but it was't she they did something to her she was twisted, to cut it short we all fought, i and her dule like we always had, but i could't strike at her i could dodge her but uitmatly we were in a deadlock till she kills me, but did't she took us capture, chain us up i was farther away from the others and being interregated by her, she use the bond we had to break me, one so resilient to any one else, was breakable to his mate, she use a few diffirent tactics.

lust- she took off most of my upper body armor and press her body agenst mine kissing me biteing at me scratching me and whispering sweet words to me, i made a comment about her haveing honey on her lips because of it, as much as i wanted to embrace her, i refuse as she tempted me for the location of the holy weapon, she said all the king wants is the blade, he will leave you and i alone as long as we dont interfear with his plans.

she tryed threating me by useing my allies as bait, tell me or they die, but even if i tell you we all may still die

she then use pain, fire,steel, and posion

but her worst torture was what she said playing off of my sorrow, "tell me please, then we can just leave all of this it will be just us the king says all he wants is the weapon and us out of the way" she said, as i responded "and you belive that, that he will just leave us alone, what the hell did he do to you to change who you were by so much" she hit at the heart strings when she said "it dose't matter none of this would be happening if you had't left me, you let them take me, you told me you would always protect me, that you were my guardian, but you can make up for it...just tell me where you hid the blade" and so i told her to come closer, she lean in, and i told her i was sorry, she said "for letting me die" i said "yes and this to" i kicked her down, raise my legs strate up pushing agenst the celling that held my chains, breaking it apart, whale my arms still had the chans on them i was no longer hooked, i use the chains like a whip wrapeing them around demon's necks and throwing them and into each other, i got across the room and freed the scout telling him to free the grunt as i held them at bay, but as lilith and i charge at each other something hit me from behind and before i knew it i was blacked out, i really would like it if most of my fights did't wind up with me blacking out, i much rather like it ending with her and me tangled.

When i awoke i was in the dark lord's throne room, he and her walked in minutes later, i stood up as he laugh and said "arnt you guna bow before your king" i got a smirk and said "i'l bow before the one who tends to **** me up the most" as i turn to lilith and bowed, she dug her claws into my shoulder as it started to bleed, "bow before your king" she said forceing me onto my knees, "i see that humor is back, i take it that was her doing" the demon king said

i nodded and said "yea tell him about the one with the turtle crossing the road" she dug her claws in deeper as i laugh and said "ohhh you know i like it rough but ease up your close to" before i could finish she pinch a nerve, "cute but where is the holy blade" the demon said, as i responded "how excatly did you know we were going to that building", the demon smiled as he said "my 2nd in command told me, some one who enjoys the power i offer them" as the scoute we had rescued walked in, "the same reason i had my army hidden, but for u to attack alone and lilith haveing to suffer for it, now that was unforseen" the demon king said, lilith had a hard time pinning me down as i went mad with rage "YOU I'L ******* KILL YOU, YOU WONT HAVE TO WONDER LONG ON WHAT A DRAGONS WRATH FEELS LIKE" i said and started growling afterword, "the king offered me the postion in return your head and the weapon on a plate, now where is that blade" the scoute said as i quickly responded "it will be up your ass once i retrive it"... the dark lord had grown tired of the pointlessness "its time to end this, and it only seems suited that the women who caused your fall from my grace should be the one who ends your life, any last words"... i turn to lilith and said "its alright, i forgive you, do it" she slash at me agine and agine till i passed out in a pool of blood on the floor, i awoke to find my wounds had been bandage, as she walk in "good your awake" she said, as i groan and lifted the covers "did you...did you take my cloths off" i said as she replyed to it with "well i had to be thural i got all the wounds taken care of", i rub my chest and said "did you have to be so rough" she smiled and said "i tought thats how you liked it but you did't help with your smart ass comments" i grin at her and said "should have geuss that was guna come back to bite me in the ass, so whats the deal here i tought you were on his side" she shook her head "no i had to make it seem like i did't want to die at all cost and to prove that, i had to get the blade and or kill you, but i gota get back out there to keep up apperence hes sending us to search the base for the blade, its by our tree is't it" she said then kissed me "of course it's by our tree"

skiping ahead in time my wounds healed for the most part as i put on my gear she comes into the room wounded, the roose is over they know, i pick her up and we dart out a fortress yes but i still had a friend on the inside not a half breed like me he was a full demon but more of a mischive one, with out humans any more he had no one to play tricks on, so you can understand why he did't see eye to eye with the king, and i saved him a few times when i was still servering as the 2nd in command, he got us safe passage out, but we were still being persuid and lilith was wounded, i took her to a cave with a waterfall inside that was protected by her magic still away from the base, we would hang out here and play, now i lay her down and i dont know what it was next that she really needed, my blood, part of my soul, or lust to heal her wounds but she did bite me and seem to drink, her wound recovered and we had sex, i could go into detail but wont, as she slept i went out to retrive my blade, unable to deal with the tought of loseing her agine, i went and struck down at the 2nd in command first, i just cut his head off, but balls went first, then i proceeded to find the demon but something happen i cant reamber excatly but there was some sort of explosion in the stronghold and as i picked my self up he stab me in the back, as i fell, he kicked me onto my my and stabe me agine into my chest, kicking the blade away and walking off away from me trash talking me as he looked at his hell on earth, whale lilith came to revive me, once agine this is hidden to me weather or not she was healing me threw a spell, her own life essence,or giveing me her soul threw a kiss, what ever she did it work but he got to her first and threw her, as my eyes regain strength i saw her laying with her arm stretch out to me, i grabe the blade and struck at the demon king, he taunted me saying i was no better than him, that with out that gauntlet i could't weild the weapon of a arch, i remove my guantlet, and my helment, and pretty much my whole top lvl of armor, most of my gear connected to each other threw buckles, my arm was still somewhat lizard but in a human hand instead of a claw, certent things were changeing, my hair felt as if it was water, my ears felt like that of a bird maybe it was because of her, perhaps all of our true forms are hidden from us, the demon king how ever did not care and ordered his army to strike at me, but he shouted out in anger when they did not, "they are waiting for there true king to reveal himself, we have the same blood in our bodys and now i have broken past my human shell so they are confuse as to which one of us will rule" i said to him before we began to clash, the battle i do reamber but i grow tired nocternal emissions, i emerge the victor but just before he layed still, he threw some sort of energy ball at me, it hit me and at first nothing seem to happen, but fire started beneeth skin and bone i stumbled over to lilith droping to my knees crawling then when i could not do that any longer i reach out my arm and grip her finger tips in mine and all went dark, that was the last of the dreams and this is the sort verson

funny ant it, i did't want to put her in harms way and tryed to fight our battles with just me and ended up hurting her, but i did't want to face death with out her, seems appropreat we die together.

now to the qeustions

why call her a demon, if she sleeps with men, would't breeding with demons offer stonger off spring, one answer i got was "maybe demons cant breed" well then shes not a demon

i think she may have just wanted eve to see adam the way she saw him, in hopes that he would then relize it was't just her

i think sameal tricked her, god told adam and eve to stay away from the tree of knowlge, well the tree of life in the same area ralphile guards, so why was there no guard at the tree of knowlge, unless sameal was the guardian and trick lilith into eating from the tree but never told her, would explain why god did't tell lilith and adam.

lilith running off dose no one else see pass this "start of time" bit to a reg relationship now, she wanted him to come after her and got her when he did't show

the whole inbreeding debate, quite possable that the dna always changed, which would't result in inbreeding, if u go by evalution which ditates that we evovled, our dna CHANGED altered mutated what ever u wanta call it which meens its possable

and am i the only one seeing this fish became frog, frogt became lizard, lizard became squarl ok u know what the stages of evalution sound like

adam became jacob, jacob became isic became abereham LOL

lilith dose what she has to in order to servive, lets say she and i were in love, but if she slept with me it would kill me, and if she did't sleep with any one it would kill her, dose that make her evil noooo

qeustion, lets say you have sameal's neck on your blade, one quick motion and its over, but his commander has your mate's neck on his blade, if you strike you will lose her/him but if you dont you are promise to be left alone, do you strike or do you care to deeply about your mate.

i think the whole mateing process she dose with men she's actully looking for adam threw the dna, i meen why not just go to a place that stores the semen if it was't about that

if you had the option to strike down the king of hell would u do it, think carefully some say yes to quickly and dont think how that would be view by others, your strikeing down someone who use to be a angel, do you not think the angels take notice to that, that in doing so would enrage enough to make this war even worst then it was

if i got a vesectamy would i still be weak vs sucubi

theres more but if you care to discuss more you may emale me at

now was this a vison, a dream, a visit from her, or a sign that i need to reqeust her presence...that is The Qeustion

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