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They say that love is blind

And for a long time, I had no idea what that meant

Until I went and fell in love

And now I can't see anything

I used to be able to see my future

I'd go to college, be whatever I became, die alone

And now it's all changed

And everything is unclear

I used to be able to see fault

I could see everything that bothered me in black and white

And now I just want to smile

Because the world is suddenly okay

I'm not afraid anymore or mad anymore

I'm not angsty and immature

I don't focus wholly and completely on who I should become

I focus wholly and completely on who he makes me

I'd like to think he makes be beautiful

Because it's something I've never been before

And he tells me that I am

And sometimes the more he says it, the less I believe it

I know he makes me happy

I catch myself just sitting there, smiling like a mental patient

And everyone worries about me because I don't look the same

Because the scowl is gone

I believe that he makes me purposeful

He fills my days and I fill his with endless words

And the best part is how he can change with me

Never just loving or funny but serious and naughty and whatever applies

He's my missing sock, the one you always lose in the dryer

He's the piece to complete my puzzle

He's the glue holding me together

And he says I'm the same thing for him

It used to be terrifying to look around at the world

Nothing is ever pretty when you're alone

But now the world doesn't look so scary

Because he's with me, and we're blind

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Modern romance (:

Nice to read pieces that are not forced to rhyme and while simplistic this piece is also ever sophisticated covering so much ground.

How devouring and consuming the love and relationship described here. It shows a more complete picture of give and take seldom found in other works.

The final stanza also offers wonderful insight and goes against the social grain for where most want to revel in their pathetic views and claim their eyes are wide open this offers us an alternative but it is doubtful that the opening and closing are totally true for something is being seen here that those truly blind would never see.

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Very nice. I hope you have a long and happy life together.

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Beautiful :)

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