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Big Bad Voodoo

The language made up entirely of WHISTLES

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Big Bad Voodoo

Silbo is a whistled form of Spanish spoken by entire communities on the island in the 16th and 17th centuries

The language uses whistling to make all of its sounds and is now protected

It is thought that Silbo was originally developed as a form of long distance communication

The language is being taught to small school children in a bid to keep it alive


The language, which was used by the native Guanche people, was spoken well before Spanish settlement but died out around the 17th century.

It is thought the Guanches originated from North Africa and brought the whistled language with them.

Today however, Silbo is a whistled form of Spanish. It was adopted in the 16th century after the last of the Guanches adapted their whistled language to Spanish.

One study showed that Silbo is recognised in the ‘language centre’ of the brain by Silbo whistlers, though regular Spanish speakers who were not Silbo whistlers simply recognised it as whistling.


Even I could wrote songs on that language.

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Still Waters

This has been posted before -


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