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Murdocs Reaping

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Lorek hated his job although he hadn't always hated it, he no longer got the thrill out of watching over inmates. He no longer gave a **** anymore about there living conditions and how clean there cells were kept. In his opinion they could all rot they were just filth anyway. But the state and powers that be said they had to be cared for, and that they may bee reintroduced to society If they served out there terms. Lorek dreaded the prisoner that he had to pay a visit to that was only fed once a month. In Loreks opinion Murdoc should just be left alone in that pit to starve to death. The creature wasn't human, and in Lorek's mind should have just been killed or locked away and forgotten about. Lorek had heard tales of what Murdoc had done and wasn't sure If they were just rumors or not, but he was sure that Murdoc must have done something extremely bad to end up here.

"Is everyone ready"? Lorek said to the twenty people in his squad. They all responded in unison " Yes sir"!

"Now were gonna do this as fast as possible I don't want to be in there with that unholy creature any longer than I have to be".

They all filed into the elevator and took it to Murdoc's cell which was a thousand meters underground. Once the elevator finished its long journey it stopped and there was a dramatic plummet in the temperature and pure darkness. Night vision goggles all turned on making a hissing sound disrupting the complete silence.

"Ok when we get to his cell door I want all guns raised and ready to fire If he moves shoot to kill...."

" Sir I thought normal bullets didn't work on this thing"

" They may not work but they'll at least slow him down, all that really matters is we gotta drop his food off to him, I caught hell for skipping the last three months and not getting fired over this! Now move out!"

Lorek knew that these guns that shot 4000 watt electrical pulses wouldn't be sufficient enough to take Murdoc down. But he was told by the higher ups that it would slow him down a great deal. Why house prisoners that you couldn't eliminate with weapons the prison supplied was beyond him.

They saw the dirt and soil almost like clay at this deep a level in green as seen through the night vision goggles. The cell loomed closer and closer and the temperature was steadily dropping.

One hundred feet ahead of them there goggles registered the door to Murdoc's cell. Lorek thought to himself and wondered what would happen If Murdoc was dead, he would probably be canned and come to think of it would that be so bad, he was near retirement age. He hated making the rounds every morning, noon, and night, it was a wear on him both physically and for some odd reason he could feel his sanity slipping. Which was scary in its own way, it was like one minute he hated this job and the next he never wanted to lose it. They stood at the door now and Lorek looked to his men who all had there guns up and ready. The door screeched open and as Lorek looked around the cell Murdoc was nowhere to be found. He slowly stepped in and noticed that the air seemed stuffy and had a scent of mold to it. Looking around the room at the walls he noticed something etched into it. It looked like writing in some unknown language lost to time. Suddenly he heard the door slam shut trapping him in the cell. The voice he heard sent chills down his spine.

" hello Lorek its been a long time since Iv seen you"

Lorek heard his men outside trying to get through the door to help him

" You better speak Lorek because this will be your last chance to"

But even before Lorek could say anything, he felt an intense pain in his chest and could see that Murdoc was holding his still beating heart. The last thing he saw was Murdoc's cold eyes before he fell over dead.

"To late Lorek" whispered Murdoc

He could hear the others at the door and it sounded like they really wanted to get in, It was taking a tremendous amount of mental energy to keep the door from opening. So he fell back into the shadows that hid him from Murdoc's green eyesight and allowed the door to open. The second the door opened all the squad that wasn't allowed admittance with Lorek rushed in, they saw Lorek laying in a pool of his own blood. When everyone was in the cell the door slammed shut rattling the bolts connected to the metal frame. Darkness descended upon them ripping off there night vision goggles leaving them in total darkness. Darkness that had teeth and claws the only thing that they could see were the random light from the guns being shot. Horror filled screams were all that could be heard. Soon all was silent once more and the door swung open.

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