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Titanoboa and the 40-foot Crocodile

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The documentary of Titanoboa came last year.Today only i saw it.As usual like some other animal documentaries,i liked this one as well.In the end of the video,they talked about a Crocodile which might be 40 feet.They showed the vertebrae of it.Sarcosuchus is the only 40 foot Crocodile known from somewhat good remains and probably it will remain like that forever.

Even though i didn't read about this new 40 foot Crocodile anywhere before.It is nicknamed as "Turtle Chomper".It was found more than a year ago at the Cerrejón coalmine in Colombia.

So not only Titanoboa ate fish,turtles and the small 7 feet long crocodile Cerrejonisuchus improcerus,but also possibly battled with the "Turtle Chomper".I have uploaded images like Sarcosuchus vs Titanoboa and Deinosuchus vs Titanoboa for fun but really there was battle between Titanoboa and a 40 foot or 35 foot long Crocodile.Now this is interesting.

Do anyone of you know about this new Crocodile before ? I didn't know that.After i saw the video,i searched about this new Crocodile in web.Not many links are there for it.This website seem to be the good one.

Source :

Many of you know that there is a full-scale model of Titanoboa.Now the fossils of "Turtle Chomper" 40-foot Crocodile joined the Titanoboa-exhibit.A model of Turtle Chomper is not planned.

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