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One Soul, Many Bodies:

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I read this article about reincarnation and wanted to share it with you.


What happens to us when we die? It’s a question everyone eventually asks themselves at some point in their life. It transcends racial, social, political, economic and gender lines, making it the one question common to all human beings whether we like it or not. Yet ever since the first men and woman began pondering their mortality a hundred thousand years ago, the answer has eluded us. What does happen when we die? What becomes of our soul, our mind, our personality – our very essence? For that matter, do we even have such a thing as a soul, or is it all an illusion we have created to give ourselves a sense of permanence and the hope of immortality?

There is only one Truth and many different variations. I have no problem believing that we are made of pure energy and that we get recycled. I have no problem believing that we are all from the same source. I have no problem believing that there are 2 types of energy and one neutral buffer. I have no problem believing that this energy fluctuates with the natural occurrences with in our own planet, solar system, galaxy, surrounding galaxies, the Universe and the surrounding Universes.

If we were never given words I believe we still would know inherently that we have the knowledge of darkness and light and the realm between along with the multiple dimensions that we traverse without limitations of time; a concept we only know because we are forced to accept limitations in this dimension.

Religion is steeped in esoteric righteous rhetoric for the simple fact that by instilling fear there is control over the masses.

I for one, do not think being reincarnated should stop anyone from wanting to be the very best they can be in any life they live. I want to go the light because that is where I feel most comfort, unfortunately there are those that feel the darkness suits them better.

We all have the capability to gravitate in either direction and are made of both energy; yin and yang. We will always be attached to both energies though, but we will inevitably move on to another destination and the energy we feel most comfortable with will be the one we end up with.

I believe what we consider to be ghosts are stuck in between; energy unable to progress due to the uncertain nature they were forced to deal with. They will move on eventually, but time is not measured the same way in that dimension; that is why some “ghosts” seem to be around for centuries in their flux.

Because we do have words, there is many different ways to say the same thing; semantics.

There is only one truth no matter what any of us believe; it is up to each individual to recognize what is their destiny.

I believe I am an old soul that has lived many lives and will continue to do my part to help others achieve their rightful path; after all we are all soul mates, just different vibrations, attached in many ways and it is up to each of us to decide if the light or the dark is the path we choose.


I choose the light, how about you?


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Reincarnation sounds nice but I do not accept it as real anymore.

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Reincarnation sounds nice but I do not accept it as real anymore.

I'd really like to read why and also how or what changed your understanding of it from it not being real to you anymore. Sounds like there was a time you believed in it.

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