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legislation and medical procedures

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So much discussion about abortion legislation and some points within legislation has gotten me wondering...

How much legislation is out there about medical procedures that are not relation to abortion topics? I know there is legislation out there about insurance. And there's accreditation for medical places, but that isn't really legislation. But anyone know of legislation about medical procedures in general?

I'll give some examples of what I mean... Note these are just random examples I came up with.

Is there a law about a waiting period for plastic surgery?

Is there law about what clinics have to have in order to perform a colonoscopy?

Is a dermatologist required by law to be affiliated to a hospital in order to remove skin tags- just in case something goes wrong?

Is it legally required for a patient to undergo certain tests before having a tumor removed?

Is it legally required for a hospital or clinic to have a certain set up to be able to give natal care? Or help a woman give birth?

Is there any law mandating information to be given to a patient before having a procedure done?

Now please, please please don't get arguing in this thread about abortion. It's not my intent. I'm just curious with all the legislation popping up about that specific medical procedure if there are also other laws on the books about other medical procedures.

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I'm not sure if there are laws governing these thing but I bet a state has regulations they have to follow.

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