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Graphene: The Miracle Material

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From the article:

What can it do?

Theoretically speaking, it can do a whole hell of a lot. At a range no larger than a meter, it could be used as the base material for a wireless antenna that is capable of sending data at a rate not yet experienced. Operating at a speed measured in terabits, you could receive an entire hard drive’s worth of information in a matter of seconds.

If you’re more interested in saving the world, don’t worry, graphene can help with that, too. With the correct size of sheet, researchers have found that a single layer of graphene is capable of filtering salt from water, creating a very small and very effective method of desalination. If the theory is able to be brought into practice, this could provide freshwater to millions, if not billions of people.

Why isn’t it doing that now?

There’s a large gap between theory and practice. So far, the best we’ve been able to do is produce experiments on a very small scale, because it’s both expensive and difficult to get graphene to behave how we want it to.


To read more, click on the article link above.

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