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It hurts...

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We all spend our days trying to come together in the wrong ways.

We come against a "common enemy" without any evidence but our feelings toward someone who we call a friend; who unfortunately is actually lieing to us for their own benefit of support.

In a world where "connection" is everything, we lose alot more than we gain by holding someone back without even listening to what they may have to say.

It's a handicap to rely on information from a mass of hatred, than the singularity of a truthful one.

You are angered at being singled out or descriminated against, but when its your turn to hold the beating stick, you swing away.

It's not about caring, it's not about your supposed values, it's about you feeling better than someone else.

That moment when you decide your weakness is an achilles heel, you become the one you hated, and actually lose.

Allowing a rumor or an ill equipped accusation to run amok is as bad as infecting someone with aids.

You Become a Murderer by only using words...

So please remember, you can help someone to live by only showing love to those...

Who are called by everyone else...


It is ok to bend to save a life... wouldn't you appreciate it if someone did that for you?

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