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Visions and Shadows

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When i was 5 years old me and my family were watching a movie and i have seen a shadow with a dark cloack, it had something orange on it, i think it had orange eyes but i can't really remember, (it was 8pm so it was already dark outside) it was standing on my terace right in front of my window,i was watching it and i way scared i yelled "look theres something outside" my mum dad and brother looked outside and they saw nothing, that means all 4 of us were looking at one point on the terace and only i could see something, i blinked, turned my head and it still was left after 40 seconds, i still dont know what it was.....if you maybe know, can you help me?

The second thing is that i have visions about people places and things what people are doing a few weeks or months ago before they happen, yesterday i went to a place with my mother and she said i never was there but i can remember everything i knew every little detail about that house and that it had a basement before we even walked in, i talked about it with my mother and she said she had experienced things like this, but the weird thing is that it happens so often to me.....

Another vision, one day i was on a holiday with my friends and we were walking trough a field, and i felt sick, like i'm dead inside, later i found out that many people were killed in that place in a war....

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