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Simple But Many People Got It WRONG

Science Geek

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No, it reflects the amount people actually use mathematical problems necessitating the use of a mathematical order of operations in their daily lives. Some people (like me) may not ever need to remember how to solve a written out mathematical equation for years and years...

Totally agree. Years after I learned the formula, when I started building things, the importance of the Pythagorean theorem became readily important.

The light came back on. Trapezoids suck to build on.

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What's 40 divided by 1/2 ?

A ) 8

B ) 20

C ) 4

D ) 80

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Is the "GOT IT WRONG" in the topic title meant to put us off? Like one of those trick questions where the answer is so simple we start to look for something more complicated?

My answer is 18

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Whats with all this hard math, lets do some easy math like what I had to do last year: Have fun!

Age= [log (d/p +1)] [(λ / .693) * 2.3] Solve for age.

d= daughter element = 0.0051

p= Parent isotope = 1.8

λ= half life = 4.5 x109

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Did I tell you I got a 99 in writing?

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