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Still Waters

Young dolphin struggles to get back in water

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Still Waters

Disturbing video captured by a Bay area family and posted on YouTube is going viral.

The images show what appears to be a dolphin at SeaWorld, struggling for several minutes to get back into the water with no one there to help.

Several spectators were angered and disturbed by what they witnessed on July 20. Cast members and trainers from the aquatic show had left the stage because of lightning in the area, but the animals were still in the tank.

Carlo De Leonibus, 33, and his wife Ashley had brought his daughter Catiana to Seaworld to celebrate the young girl's 11th birthday.



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What a shame, hope the dolphin doesn't have long term damage.

I'm also glad something good came out of this horrible event.

Carlo says his daughter was so disturbed by what she witnessed, she's decided at her young age to dedicate herself to helping aquatic wildlife.

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A new documentary on the problems of SeaWorld, called Blackfish, was released today. By problem, I mean one particular Orca that so far has killed 3 trainers. But hey, the show must go on, right?



"Whenever people say "We mustn't be sentimental", you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, "We must be realistic", they mean they are going to make money out of it."

- Brigid Brophy

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