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The thing that frustrated you the most ?

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I am not that much fluent in speaking English but there are many Indian guys here whose English is even worse than mine and yet they study / live in countries like US,UK,Australia..etc. Even i can't able to do that.Sure this is embarrassing.They have some degree.When i was a teenager,i got forced to study something which i never liked but i can't able to prevent it as i had severe anxiety those days and i discontinued that study.Now money problems, age is increasing and no hope to study anything.Nothing seems to be good ,only i have to work and you know what kind of works you will have to do when you don't have proper qualification but i am not doing any of them.

Since i was a small kid,i have seen my dad going to gulf countries.But he is not a good person.Anyway.Sure he is the one who forced me to study something that i never liked and that is why now he is having a rough time.When you give trouble to people,you will get punishment.That's right.Even though i overcame anxiety on my own but i don't have a proper qualification and also i am uncomfortable in traveling for a long distance on my own.Never did that.I don't afraid of many things but still there are few things that i can't able to do on my own.

I was upset/angry whenever i hear some guy from relative side goes to a foreign country, it was like that ever since i overcame anxiety.Before when i had severe anxiety and when i heard this same thing, i don't have any reaction at all. Anyway,so i don't use to think about this often or else i will get upset.There is one guy who is my relative lives in Australia.He is an extroverted person with more friends,studied at the right time and went abroad.Guys like him grew up in village,never had much talk with foreign people and having bad friends hanging out..etc etc.Now they are studying/living in countries like UK,US,Australia but i am still here only.I have better personality than some of those guys and i do know i have the capacity to go to countries where they went. The thing is,where ever those guys travel,they just manage which i can't do.It was always surprising for me to know that there are people whose English is very poor and yet they traveled to countries like US,Uk.

I am a loner.I never had any friend.I never was in a relationship.I didn't cared much if i don't have any friend or a relationship but this ---- "Can't able to go abroad" is the thing which bothered me more than anything..

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Posted (edited)

Im also an introvert, and i think alot of introverts have struggled with anxiety andProcrastination. Forget about what others have achieved and focus on possible options or paths towards getting what you want. you may think im to old to do that, i missed my chance. but you will think the same about this when this year ends and next year arrives. try to stay motivated as well, if you dont have many friends ( feel free to message me any time), motivation can only come from you.

if you want to come to Britain you will probably need a visa and a passport. any job is better than no job to start your saving for your trip. while living here in the UK, you can always work the occasional day or week for an agency to keep you afloat. the work may be hard and you may think your above it but remember your doing it for your trip

p.s a agency called "Rubicon people" is based all round Britain so look them up.

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