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Vlad the Mighty

UK will not become a refuge for war criminals

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Vlad the Mighty

The Home Office last year identified nearly 100 suspected war criminals who had made UK immigration applications, figures released to the BBC suggest

Suspects originated from countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Rwanda, Serbia and Sri Lanka.

The Home Office says it is determined the UK doesn't become a "refuge for war criminals".


So that would be why Tony Liar was packed off as Peace & Goodwill Ambassador to the Middle East, then. Although I believe that Alastair Campbell and all the rest of the New Labour gang are still living in luxury in the country. Perhaps the Home Office will get on to them as soon as it has a chance.

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spud the mackem

The U.K. already is a home base for war criminals,terrorists,and other dregs of humanity,they could have and should have stopped this when we joined the E.U.

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how will we possibly know, we have lost control of our borders. and for a island nation with the best natural borders know to nature. its a disgrace. i honest thought they'd find Osama Bin Laden here in the UK, somewhere in London, masquerading as a bus driver.

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