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Braai or barbeque thread

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Love meat cooked on coals. I'm sure there are others that are just as barbaric.

Thought about sharing some of my techniques here.

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Posted (edited)

Want to share my favourite treat on the coals.....not for the faint hearted.

P.S. One company that I own manufactures braai products so you can understand my passion.

This is my Chilli poppers

I skewer the Chillis ( large ) after cleaning the seeds out carefully to not damage the outer skin. I then fill it with cottage cheese , I prefer something with a Salmon flavour and pop back the top before impaling it. Pretty much like this.


I then wrap it with bacon. I prefer something with a little fat . Something like this.


Keep it away from direct fire but with sufficient heat to cook the outer flesh of the chilli.

Have a cold one at hand to enjoy these babies.


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