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Reincarnation – the life and times of synchronicity


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·
Dan Green: The subject of reincarnation, or as some prefer, rebirth, is a vast one and in its simpler terms easy to understand and, equally, to believe. Rather like the translation of UFO experiences so that our brain will not expand itself suddenly to cause a cosmic glimpse of reality that could be detrimental to the unprepared recipient, then so too has our understanding of reincarnation had to be presented in a fashion that we have a better chance of feeling comfortable with.

For those who may dare to stretch their own comprehension a little further outward, I will share my own inroads into how an alternative understanding of reincarnation announced itself as being the one true rebirth, that of planet earth, drawn from my own experience and research, treading a solitary and lonely DNA path and receptivity to Tibetan Kalachakra ('Time Wheel'), to continue an earlier World Mysteries feature 'The Maitreya Code –Planetary Treasure of Tibet' in which I revealed Buddha's hidden teaching and how Tibet functions as the brain centre of our planet.

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I read through, more or less, and one thing I gotta say that ain't the easiest of texts to read. Though I think I understood the concept of reincarnation presented there, that it'd be more a naturally-occuring cloning thing of our mental sides than something else. You should cross-check this kind of a theory with astrology, or something similiar which reads the energies that keep reoccuring in certain intervals, because they could also be (mis)interpreted as reincarnations, because of the feeling of fatefulness and karmic presence and because of strongly-matching reoccurrences.

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Outgrowth of the old concept of time being a spiral and that the overlaps could result in bleedover/ past life "memories". I have often supposed this might be true, or even that we - perhaps - have a dim form of ancestral memory that occasionally rouses enough for a sense of deja vu now and then.

Or, that apparent "memories" just prove I am nuts :).

What is interesting is that this shifts the notion of reincarnation away from the survival of our consciousness to a model of simply a pattern and none of that, if taken to the conclusion of the thought. I don't know what I think about that as yet. I kind of prefer the survivalist viewpoint, I guess.

Be well.

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Yes, it's prense and tangential reading. I stopped when I came to;

"People around me offered up the only explanation they could think of, this was a clear case of reincarnation. I had been Bonnie Prince Charlie?"

No offense but why do people always suppose they are the reincarnation of royalty or celebrity?

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Read it all Redhen, he moved well past that shallow point and it was interesting to wade through. The notion of bleedover helps account for some of that syndrome of having a thousand Cleopatras running amock (if one must account for any of it). Or, his hypothesis here, if I understood him right. I'd enjoy a chat about his ideas with someone who understands this idea :).

I just don't "feel" right with the notion of non-survival which seems inherent to his premise.

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