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Still Waters

Body language in cats

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Still Waters

Animal behaviour experts have worked with Cats Protection to produce a guide to help pet owners know what their cats want.

It helps explain often contradictory behaviour by these precious animals – like why they often scratch and bite when they appear to want their stomachs rubbed.

The guide also includes advice about how to respond to these signals and common misinterpretations made by cat owners.


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The ignorance of these surveyed pet owners is astoundingm if it's to be believed. I think this particular misinterpreted expression is the most perplexing;

"“When a cat throws itself on its side and shows its belly, most people misinterpret this behaviour and think that it wants its belly rubbed but will get grabbed by their hand and the cat will bite them.

“What the cat is actually doing is showing a greeting behaviour and showing trust."

Right, it's typical submissive behaviour. You don't have to be an ethologist to understand this.

And how many times have these cat owners done this and not comprehended cause and effect? Their hands must be shredded by now. lol

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A lot of people misinterpet kneading as an attack. Instead of the cat saying please keep doing that it feels good. Dude had very straight forward way of telling me he wanted petted. He would wrape is front legs around my arm and pull it to him, mind you he did not use his claws to do this.

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There's another current thread in UM about a dog which knows 1,000 words. Well, our cat knows at least three English words: "I---am---hungry." She has also begun to express herself with three more: "Clean---my---box."

It's all 'meow' to me. . .. . .

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