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Brian Topp

Living Ghost Hunters look for floating things

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ngela Rhodes doesn't care if you believe in ghosts or not . . . There's no way you'll get her to stay alone in the 1,300-square-foot house she recently inherited from her parents.

"It's an odd feeling," she tells KHOU reporter Sherry Williams. "If I come in here I can be doing something and it's like something's just following me."

"It's like something's just following me."

Neighbors and relatives long have agreed that all is not right in the small 1950s bungalow near Wayside and the North Loop. "When my sister moved out she said she always heard kids running in this hallway," Rhodes explains, adding that no children lived in or near the house at the time.

In the den, an unknown entity seems to draw people's attention to a particular window. In the bathroom, odd flames have been spotted. They leave an odor but do not appear to burn anything in the room. Recent visitors have reported seeing a tea cup fly from the kitchen microwave to a nearby sink.

After a series of blessings from a local preacher, the unexplained phenomena persisted.

Ghostbusters Jump In...

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