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Brian Topp

Firefighters on trail of ghost at station

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LOFTY the ghost has been the talk of Ipswich Fire Station for years and he is still making his presence felt.

Firies are known for being rational, no nonsense characters well versed in facing reality squarely in the eye.

So when the QT discovered many of the firefighters who have worked at the Waghorn St station have had some kind of encounter with Lofty, it was time to investigate.

After a series of strange noises, mysterious sightings and bizarre goings on, the firies themselves were also intrigued.

Ipswich firefighter Matthew Chadwick recently set up a trail camera in the gymnasium, where Lofty is said to hang out. The camera takes photos based on movement and has an infrared flash.

What came back were eerie, with one photo taken at midnight revealing a mysterious figure.

"Everyone will have their own interpretation, but to me it looks like a head with shoulders on it," Chadwick says.

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