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New guy here.

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Still getting to know the place. I will post my experiences later. Thank you

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First Attack

It was the middle of winter, 1972. A very unusually cold winter. Much colder than I’d ever care to make it. I was 12 years old at the time.

I was staying with an older friend who was recently divorced from his wife. As a young man I tended to have much older male and female friends, a trait which would have it‘s benefits and setbacks as I grew older.

That night my friend Richard (not his real name) and I spoke of his sad divorce. He had discovered his wife in bed with a friend of his. I found myself feeling sorry for him as he was like me, a simple and uncomplicated soul.

As bed time came about he located some blankets from his bedroom and tossed me a couple. He began to lay down on the second couch.

I inquired as to why he did not sleep in his room.

He said that there was a witch in the closet and she came out late at night. “Oh , hogwash”! I exclaimed. “No , really what’s up with the room”? I inquired again.

I will never forget the look in his eyes as he began to explain……..it was almost a threat to my life. A look that said “Heed my warning, or forget about the life you once knew”

I knew Richard very well, and I knew he was not attempting to scare me intentionally, well, not just for the fun of it anyways. He also knew I did not scare easily for I was a very young man afraid of nothing nor anybody. I was going to live forever.

“There is a witch in the closet. She comes out late at night. It’s a very frightening ordeal and I rather not deal with it.” he said.

“A witch?” I said. “Tell me more about this b****” Ya, I was also a cocky sort of youth too. If somebody was messing with my friends, I would express my intent to support him/her while simultaneously express my distaste for this so-called b****-witch.

He continued, “ I won’t sleep in there any more. It started when Debra’s ( Richards ex wife, not her real name) started hanging out with her sisters friend Mary (not her real name) Mary says that she is a witch.

After Debra started seeing this witch , that’s when our problems began.”

“ I don’t believe it amigo” I said. “Aint no such thing as a witch with that kind of control over others.”

“OK, I dare you to sleep in the bedroom then. Unless your scared. “ he said.

“Hell, that’s one dare I’m taking you up on my friend”.

I gathered my blankets and pillow. Interestingly enough, Richard followed me through the kitchen and down the hall.

At the entry to his bedroom he insisted we keep the lights in the hall way on. He said I would be glad they were left on later tonight when I try to escape.


As I lay down in the bed, the foot of the bed was nearer to the closet. As I lay there, I gazed into the open closet, my head on my comfy pillow, almost daring the would be entity to appear. I fell asleep on my back.

A few hours pass…….The house was warm. But I soon realized my spine was ice cold. Initially the fact that I was conscious , did not strike me as being odd as I was not even aware, that I was aware. I watched her, watch me. I can not recall at what point this stare down began. One moment I was sound asleep, the next, we are locked into each others gaze.

I remember thinking, who is this person? Peering into the closet she sat on what appeared to be some kind of throne. She was clad in beads, and not much else. More nude than not. The darkness forbade me from observing to much detail. I sensed she was assessing, evaluating my strengths and weaknesses. My initial impression was that she was a queen of some evil underworld.

I could only wait for her first move. Then it came. Slowly and yet, methodically. It was then I knew, I was fully aware.

They say all your major body components maintain pressure points along the souls of the feet. If that is true, this entity knew where to begin her attack.

My feet began to tingle, as if they had fallen asleep, but this was no sleep. At this time as my feet were engulfed by this sensation I realized, I could no longer move. My young , and otherwise healthy body had gone into an almost complete paralysis. Then the tingling sensation began to overwhelm my entire body. Attempting to call out to Richard, I discover I have no voice.

The discovery of ones paralysis and lack of voice causes one to ponder as to the true nature of ones own current reality, of ones own perceived reality. Ignorant in many ways , especially in the uncommon events of ones everyday life, the human brain goes into auto pilot and the flight or fight mechanism kicks into high gear , one begins to panic.

But even so……evolution, the master of human behavior and psychology could prove no match for such an energy force with which I had been confronted with. I could neither fight , nor could I run.

I withdrew my gaze upon her and through my fear I could sense her drawing nearer to me. I forced myself to get up and flee, but to no avail. The best I could do was to convulse upon the bed.

With all my might I attempted to scream for Richard, but only a whimper of a sound came from my lips, a sound not even I could recognize.

Pressure was building upon my body. Yet, no one, nor anything could I see. If I was previously afraid, I was devastated when I felt the tugging at my limbs and pajamas.

Somehow I manage to fall from the bed onto the floor. Something tugging at me. Trying to keep me in check, under it’s control.

Crawling from the bed , I move, but ever so slowly fighting whatever it was for every inch I gain. The closer I get to the bedroom doorway, leading to the hallway, the more intense the fear, the grasp upon me.

Entering the hallway I stumble to my feet, only to fall hitting the wall as I slide to the hardwood floors, my body creating a sound of dead weight hitting the ground.

Attempting to call out for Richard again a scream….a sound…. which I can only describe as a young girls scream, is emitted from my lips. Even this is frightening to me as I can not fathom the source of this scream. It came from me, but yet it was not me.

I am clad with the blankets still upon my body. As I look down to my body I find myself almost completely nude. My T-shirt gone, my under shorts, far below my waist with a tear in them. Shamefully, I feel a sense of having been violated.

Continuing to crawl down the hallway, I give out a loud moan in a last ditch effort for help. If Richard does not come now,……I’m done for.

Curling up into a ball , I relent and can offer no more resistance. I begin to cry.

A strong hand is placed upon my shoulder. I look up. The spell is broken. It’s Richard.

“I told you” he says. “ You owe me ten bucks”

Recovering from my ordeal I say” We , we didn’t bet, you dared me”

We spoke late into the night until the wee hours of the morn about our experience with this entity and our theories.

This was the first in a long string of unusual events which have shadowed me (no pun intended) almost all my life.

I have been honest in my portrayal of this story and others, as I hope to set aside some of the sinicism, fear and mockery others may have with such experiences.

Chaz Man Loredo

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

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