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World's deadliest scorpion

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World\'s deadliest scorpion


Click here to watch video - 02:11s

The Indian red scorpion is considered the most lethal species of scorpion on the planet.

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Still Waters

And I worry about spiders :unsure2:

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Thats great but it is just for now...there are other species yet to be discovered :tu:

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Generally speaking, scorpions with very large "claws" are less toxic to humans, perhaps because those species often kill their prey simply by crushing it, no venom is needed. Ones will small thin claws often have potent venom, they grab prey just long enough to sting it and then release. The common black scorpion kept as a pet has huge claws and is rather docile and reluctant to sting; it in not considered dangerous unless you were allergic to its venom. We have bark scorpions locally, small claws, rather nasty sting, and some bark scorpions in the desert southwest of the US can be lethal.

Once saw a "Death Stalker" at a reptile store, a species of Fat-tailed Scorpion that at the time I understood to be the deadliest. Keeping lethal pets seems too risky to me, accidents can and do happen.

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