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Help? Shared dream

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Where to begin! I'd really, really appreciate it if there is anyone who could share their opinion and knowledge on this subject. I created a profile for this site, just at this very moment, for this reason only. I haven't any other resort. This has been suck in my mind for at least a good two years by now, and I think it's time I had said something.

I'll begin with the reality, then the dream.

So first thing is first - This is something I can't come to terms with, nor could imagine EVER forgetting about. Also It goes without saying, I don't expect anyone to believe my words lol.

One night, I decided to go visit my friend whom lived right around the corner from my house. After walking through her door, my mentality has changed forever. I walked into her home to see an odd looking guy sitting on her couch reading a book, I had never met this guy before. After the usual greet, I then remember sitting down at a table across the room from him, sitting with my friend talking to her - She offered me a cone (bong) and I declined, at that point I quit smoking for a damn while; so I know, for sure, there is no way my rationality etc would've been affected. I said to her, I didn't want it because I hated the fact it messed up my dreams, real bad (I more or less gave it up so I could enjoy my dreams). This guy, with a real enthusiastic look upon his face joins right in on the conversation. He then states to us, that he at the current time of this conversation, is oddly enough reading a book on dreams. He comes to join us over at the table and begins telling me his dream he recently had - Just before this moment I'm doodling random abstract things on some paper. What he said completely scared the living **** out of my clenched anus. He told me about dream that I had also dreamt. What I had drawn on the paper was this abstract like texture, in which he pointed out looked like a similar element in his dream (which is spot on to me). I did not mention to him then, what had occurred between us...biggest regret of my life, & nor have I seen him since. One of the most important questions I think is key - Who had this dreamt this first, me or him? I KNOW I'm adamant I dreamt this as it's way too odd to ever forget, I can still very much visualize it to this day - among other dreams..even from childhood because they were just plain warped! :)

The dream

I start off in pure darkness. I can't see my feet or any other parts of my body for that matter, throughout the entire dream. (The view is at eye level perspective) My eyes gravitate toward a small 'hole' in the close distance. There is a small amount of light illuminating this hole. Then out of no-where thousands upon thousands of white and grey shaded 'ape' like creatures come flooding out of the hole, sort of evil looking at least that's the vibe I got, in one big mass, some very blurry others I could make out just perfectly.

Once they exited my view, I came to realize it was a 'cave' like environment. I could not help myself no matter how much I possibly tried to - I kept moving slowly toward this hole in the ground, and once I got to it, I start to climb my way down into it... I am In the hole, It was a very tight fit, as I move my way down further and further I take notice of this really weird hardened substance on the walls inside the hole - the best way I can describe it was it was a pretty yellowish colour { this is what I had doodled on paper } and sort of looked like oddly shaped sap from a tree. I was deeper and deeper in the hole now, and I looked down to find a small bit of light entering the hole or tunnel I suppose you could classify it now, beneath myself. So I contort myself now flip myself upside down, and continue climbing. Once I arrive at the end of this hole/tunnel I pop my head out (I'm hanging upside down, like a little bat haha) I'm pleasantly surprised with what I encounter (at first xD ) there was an underground lake, sooo serene! Everything is bright and visible. Then out of nowhere!! this huge tail violently splashes itself out from the surface of the calm water, then this monstrous prehistoric like shark creature reveals itself to me.. and I wake up.

That's just one of my very unusual dreams..

So as I mentioned any help would be absolutely lovely!

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Who had this dreamt this first, me or him?

Hi there and welcome to us folks here at UM…...It could be that i am tired and it's late here, as i write but having read your post….

What is it you need help with?

What do you want my opinion on?

What does it matter, who dreamt the image first, you or him?

Why is this the key question?

Have i completely missed the point?

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Cool dream. Geometric fractals are common in dreams and visions. They do kind of look like each other. Infact the definition of a fractal includes self similar patterns.

Many people doodle in fractals also including me. The universe and life itself is constructed on fractals. You shouldn't be surprised to find other people that see them, people have been seeing them for all if Hunan history. ;) I hope that helps.

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I am a lot more interested in the guy at your friends house, sorry. When we have shared dreams like this it is usually with a friend either in your present life, a prior life, or a future time.

So even though the dream was interesting, this guy kind of grabs my attention.


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