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which path should i take?

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Hello:) I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some insight regarding my situation:)

I don't understand what is happening to me these days but i have this unusual strange feeling inside of me and it just won't go away

Three years ago i had to go apply for welfare and there was a security guard working there that day.I was sitting on a chair in the waiting room and i was feeling ashamed for losing my job.

all of a sudden i looked in front of me and the security guard kept staring at me and looked into my eyes like he knew me or something like he cared for me.I felt like i was being watched and well it was strange since usually when someone stares at you they look away when you realize they are staring but he just kept staring at me.I felt a bit uncomfortable even though he was attractive i decided to leave the building and i didn't apply for welfare either so i went there for nothing since a few days later i was able to find work.

I had forgotten all about it and just never thought about him since he was just a strange security guard.i woke up the other day and ever since then i can't stop thinking about him.he is constantly on my mind.i feel like this is the man i am going to marry someday or something like he is my soulmate.I don't understand how can i all of a sudden wake up one day and feel like i am in love with a stranger? I have a boyfriend but this security man is always on my mind and i don't know why it really bothers me

I am not sure which path to take since i have been thinking of leaving my bf but not sure yet of my descision.My bf wants his friend to come live with us and get a bigger apartment but i do not want to live with another man.He seems to choose his friend over me so that is why i want to leave him.

If i leave then i will have to go live at my brothers house for a while and my parents are also moving there too.I keep getting this strange feeling that i will meet the security guy if i move.I am looking for a job right now but i will have to apply for welfare if i leave.I keep getting weird signs that this man is the one for me like my guides are trying to tell me something.I am scared to move because i don't want to make the wrong choice. I just can't understand why i wake up one day with this guy on my mind then all of a sudden things are getting complicated with my bf.It is not like i have a chance of meeting him either and he was only there because there was a meeting that day.

If a psychic can help me which path do you think i should take?

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I've kind of been in the same position as you are in now. I kept getting these signs that I should be with the guy that I am currently now with.

If you are getting signs that you should be with this guy then maybe you should be with him. However, you might want to find out if this guy is into first because you could be confusing these signs with signs that you should stay away from him. It's quite possible he could be your downfall, but you said that feel that he could be the guy that you are suppose to marry.

If you feel that your boyfriend is not the guy you are suppose to end up with then you might want to thank about breaking up with him so he can find his soulmate. Then and only then should you consider this other guy.

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Blue Star

Sometimes we can find all sorts of convoluted explanations for this, that and the other.

Your situation, as it seems to me at present, is that you are unhappy with your present bf and really i think you are looking for a way out of this relationship.

It could be that you actually feel bad about leaving your present bf, why i don't know. Could be, you're just like that but as Rocketgirl has already stated. Your staying with the present bf is actually keeping you both away from true your soul-mates.

I don't know if you know this or not so i will say it anyway…..

Some people who come into our lives be it family, peers, teachers, co workers, friends, associates, whom ever….Good or bad, are for a reason. Some people are for a lesson, some just passing through, some for just an event shared, some for the journey and some for life.

Your thinking about the other guy(the security guard) could just be the impetus you need to end it with your current bf that's all. It may not mean you will be with the security guard, though i am not saying you won't. Just that, the fact of your thinking incessantly about him and not your bf….Well doesn't that tell you, you need to end it with the bf?

Do you really have to go and live with your folks?

Is it time for your own space, maybe?

May be even having some time alone to enjoy your own company might be just the ticket for you right now?

Something you said though, i have a question... How do you know the security guard doesn't work there, how do you know it was a one off meeting?

I hope that helps.

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Hi Violet,

It's evident that you have already decided that your current relationship is not for you. There's nothing wrong with that even though I do believe that your boyfriend's intentions are not meant to harm you. The situation actually helps him to feel better. His mind moves in one direction sometimes, only thinking about the matter at hand and his own solution rather than opening up to the idea of making joint decisions. What matters most here is that you do what's right for you.

There was definitely a mutual attraction with the security guard, but I would let that idea go right now. I do believe he is involved elsewhere, but this event and your current thoughts about it (as somewhat stated by the poster above) is acting as a catalyst for you to start taking actions on your real desires.

None of us can really tell you which path to follow, but I would encourage you to free yourself if you are unhappy with your current circumstances. It's scary sometimes, but doing what is best for you and your life should take precedence.

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