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Still Waters

Odd Hallucination:Woman Hears Forgotten Songs

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Still Waters

One night as she lay down to sleep, a 60-year-old woman suddenly started having strange hallucinations. She told her doctors she heard music that seemed like it was playing from a radio at the back of her head.

Within a few months, she was hearing music all the time, with some songs on repeat for up to three weeks. Curiously, she did not recognize many of the tunes that dogged her, but they had full vocals and instrumentals; and when she sang or hummed the melodies for her husband, he identified them as popular songs.


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That's really interesting. I like the forgotten memory theory. I wonder if the medication brought it on.

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Grandpa Greenman

I had some meds cause me to auditory hallucinations of Jazz music. Might have been from my high school band years when I used to listen to Jazz, sometimes. I never thought about it being something I had heard before, but it did sound kind of like Herb Albert.

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