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Enlightened Selfishness: Biomime in Butterfly

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I have an idea for saving parts of the environment called "Enlightened Selfishness" which has no doubt come about before... but I like the minisculely clever name so sue me. Essentially, humankind is not noble enough to save the environment and all the species contained therein on principle alone, so another hook must be cast. This hook, I have called Enlightened Selfishness, is that we can steal secrets of nature that took thousands to billions of years to evolve and would take days to billions of years for us to develop scientifically and independently. Biomimetics is the generally accepted term for harvesting the fruits of nature's R&D.

A sweet example of said fruits, the beginnings of newtech wearable electronic devices, displays, and batteries from... butterfly wings!

Aug. 28, 2013 — Leveraging the amazing natural properties of the Morpho butterfly's wings, scientists have developed a nanobiocomposite material that shows promise for wearable electronic devices, highly sensitive light sensors and sustainable batteries. A report on the new hybrid material appears in the journal ACS Nano.


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