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Strange Daylight Metallic UFO In Brazil

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Something new to discuss for you UFO lovers :lol:

Strange Daylight Metallic UFO In Brazil

Description: On August 30th, 2013 at around 11:30 AM I saw an object that displayed a slow upward movement and then disappeared. It looked black and was maybe some silver-metallic.





(hint = balloon)


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Just a balloon. :yes:

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Esoteric Toad

A long time ago I used to fly a kite. It was a pretty big one and I would just send it up as high as I had string for it. I had it connected to a deep sea fishing reel to make hauling it back in easier. One of the silly things I used to do is take a large black plastic garbage bag, open the bag up and 'fill' it with air, tie it off and wrap a piece of wire to it in the shape of a hook. I would place the hook on the string of the kite and the wind would run it up to near the kite at which point I would release some slack I would take up as the bag was going up the string. That would cause the bag to pop off the kite's line. The heat of the sun would add buoyancy to the bag/balloon and it would simply float off. Once the bag was several hundred feet up it would float off seemingly over the horizon. I stopped doing this when I realized that those large garbage bags were likely ending up just more litter and with two rivers and the Atlantic not too far off I quit sending them up. It looks a whole lot like a big plastic bag to me. JMO

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