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Donnie  Darko

Can Someone Give Me a Reading?

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I'm pretty stressed, I've got a million and one things going on and I feel like I might crack soon. If school isn't enough stress, there's someone veryy close to me that's pretty much ...dying I'm sorry to say and I'm in a lot of emotional pain praying and begging God for a miracle. So far it seems my prayers have gone unanswered..I don't know..and on top of that there's a few people that are interested in me romantically, but I seriously don't want anything to do with anyone in that way. Nobody. I can't handle it. I'm also juggling two jobs, an active gym life and trying to squeeze in sleep and time for friends and family who want to spend time with me.

I appreciate if I can get a reading on what I should prepare for? So much bad stuff going on, is there anything good coming? I don't know how to respond to this much stress...there's a lot of it...

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Hi I am very sorry to hear about your friend not doing so well. However.. I did a couple of drawings and I seen a miracle being witnessed. I was quite surprised to see that too. It's something I don't very often see but that's what was drawn.

Here's what else I drew:


the win-lose result

focuses on appearance


a good turn for another

knowing what to expect

in a flash, seeing everything

needing to pay attention to detail

emphasizes feelings

a personal conviction

joining together

evaluating the status

using critical faculties


making an effort

a job well done

easily breaks up complicated subjects

develop a plan


turns away wrath

having the door slammed on someone

seeing a sponsor

assuming a responsible position


something that is false


overcoming misfortune

getting your share


keeping ties

feeling repentant over something

a willingness to help

experiencing not many options to choose from

a hard time deciding

seeing commonalities

hiding distress


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A lot of that describes me and my situation perfectly. Thank You, I appreciate it very much.

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Hi Ever after

My readings are a little different

Here goes

tingeling..gut feeling.. listen to your intuition

grandmother... looks like

forest... as in woods... surrounded by

the word .. petticoat ?

water falls .. see a pic of this

good karma.. feeling of it coming back around

wide open space.. pic of field.. walking.. relief, needed to let go of things, being alone

deers playing

sawmill... a building

connecting .. a old friendship .. new beginning

sir Isac... someone close .. smart person .. someone to listen too, advice

a man... not who they say they are, feeling of distrust, stay away from... again use your intuition.

sorry if no help

the need of knowing yourself again, reconnect to things you want and deserve, letting go of old ways, new start, a new beginning

happiness sent

good health

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