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Remote viewing and similar questions

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Let me start by saying that this is my first post on these forums as well as the first time I have really talked about some experiences Ive had.

I am mainly just looking for some answers in reagrds to things Ive always been unable to really explain.

It goes back almost 15 years to when people would use landlines and not cell phones for regular phonecalls. I became aware that if i was on the phone with someone and I was relaxed, i could usually picture in my mind the other persons surroundings. As if i was just imagining what they were doing or looking at while on the phone with me. For a while, i never thought much of it and just assumed it was my own imagination and insignificant images. Then one day for some reason i began to describe the bedroom of the person I was on the phone with. I had never been to that persons house nor seen pictures at that point. After giving a pretty detailed description including locations of windows and doors and even colors, the other person was almost shocked. I still didnt think too much of it until 2 days later I went to the house to see the room and it was very close to what i had pictured. Over the next few years it happened a decent amount, and i never really made it well known to anyone. i also realized that i could not really do it on "command". It just had to happen on its own. In some cases I could even tell someone what was going on at their place without them telling me, such as one instance where the sibling of a friend took some cookies away and i commented "give him back the cookies" with no knowledge cookies were even there. my friend questioned how i knew what happened and i said i had no idea. I couldnt explain it.

for years it has been little things like that. more recently, when i met my current fiancee, during our first conversation in person, i was able to identify the exact make model and color of car that she had. I had only met her that night, 10 min prior and it was at a party to which her friend had driven her. That wasn;t the first time i was able to describe a persons car or other possesion.

on top of that, ive also had quite a few occasions of deja vu. to the point where it almost cause me to freeze up because i almost know i had experienced something before or been somewhere before when i really hadn't. Ive also had some paranormal experinces in the past and for the most part I do not believe in that. one wheek when i was 20 years old i still remember all sorts of odd things happening. from light bulbs working then buring out then working again, to an old cellphone ringing, and similar things. The one night i set up my motorcycle in the garage facing outwards and i told my friend on the phone, "if anything weird happens tonight, im openign the door, jumping on the bike and taking off." that night was fine, but the next moring when i went to start the bike to show a friend, as soon as i touched the throttle, the cable snapped. meaning if i had tried to go anywahere on it the night before, i would not have been able to.

I guess i dont have any real specific questions but i just want to know maybe what ive been experiencing or why. like i said this is the first time ive really wrote/talk this much about it all and mainly because last night i had a dream, seemed like nothing just a crappy house across the street finally sold, then today when i went to see my mom, she said the owner of the house called her this morning to let us know the house sold. it just seemed weird to me.

oh, let me also add that I do not like large crowds of people or going to busy places. im not sure why though but it almost seems like i have so much more on my mind then and almost in like a white noise type of way, in that i can't really concentrate or focus on who im with or anything.

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I've had similar experiences with "remote viewing", on my way to a place I've never been before and having pictures show up in my mind's eye of a room or house that were very close to what I'd seen in my mind. I don't how long this had been happening until I started paying attention and verifying with others the accuracy of the pictures/videos I was seeing. And I, too, tend to stay out of crowds. I'm like velcro and lint, picking up people's energy & emotions until I get so overloaded I start bumping into people & things and feeling so confused and off balance that I end up finding a quiet place outdoors where I can sort of clean myself off and come back into balance.

I'm interested in possible explanations of this remote viewing thing. I see pictures/videos not only in current time, but past times, as well, of someone I'm with. These, too, I've verified, but because it tends to freak a person out when they realize I'm seeing something from their past, often something they'd rather keep a secret, I'm a lot more cautious these days about revealing what I'm seeing. The value of these experiences, I think, are the insights that help me figure out how to support the person emotionally.

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Hi pwalsh

Just want to welcome you to the UM .... great place to sit and relax and let your mind wander ;)

For your experiences ... as for what is it and the why? I have no real answer for you. For myself I say its awakening the parts of "the mind" we usually never use. Is the brain and body part of your mind or is the mind part of your brain and body? To me the mind is the most powerful part of us.

I've also experience my share of wierd things .. in my life time. It has taken me along time to come to terms with and deal with. For the most part it is... learn and teach yourself... because you are the only one that can do this. You can get info and advice, but it really does come down to you... and how you deal with it.

If you choose to embrace carefull ... because it can be a draining of yourself. Learn to release others energy... simply going off by yourself and mentally rebalance your own mind. (You'll understand this more as you go along)

For myself I have taught myself to use it to help others around me ... I know when people need to let "secrets" out... so I help them by starting it for them .. and letting them purge. There's the how I know...can't explain .. I just do... know stuff about people. Seeing things in my mind, that I know isn't my thoughts. I figure out who they belong too..and then I decide if I should help or if I can even help? Because sometimes ... things are best left alone! They are meant to be on that "path". And then there's the people who don't even want you help! They will criticize and make you feel like your "crazy" for a better or worse word to use! I got my friends I can trust and keep to myself.

I also have the, deja vu, empathy, dreams of things to come, past of people and places, remote viewing, and reading of people and animals and a few other things which is my secret ;) I tend to stay away from crowds for the same reasons you say.

Shopping is NOT one of my favorite things to or eating out unless its in my car. lol I've become a very good cook if I say so myself!

As you learn you will understand and know what its for!

good luck with your journey, be happy in your learning experience!

Good health

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It's really helpful to me to hear from others who are in the world the same way I am, and to learn how they manage or navigate their gifts. It's not really something that comes up in general conversation, although when it does I've found that people are usually interested or accepting, and often share some of the same traits. I have a friend who's a natural skeptic, and I find her questions & comments especially valuable because she always has a different way of looking at it than I do.

Charm & pwalsh, thanks for sharing.

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Hi Beany

What you said about ...

"It's really helpful to me to hear from others who are in the world the same way I am, and to learn how they manage or navigate their gifts"

I came to the UM looking for answers ... I still have questions?... but this site and the many people that are very open and shareing of their experiences, have helped me out sooooo much in understanding the what and why! I wasn't getting any answers where I live, which is in the boonies country side ... ;) Like you said it's not something easily shared.

Anytime you would like to pm me and chat about experiences ... please do. I would enjoy it!

As for skeptics ... I use to get my feelings hurt... not any more... I know what I know and that is good enough for me! My strength is my gifts.

good health to you and happiness

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