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Brian Topp

Family talks about their haunted Ogden home

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Brian Topp

Strange things sometimes happen in the Ogden home of PJ and Lydia Gravis.

A few months ago, in the middle of the night, a door slammed shut for no apparent reason. Another time, a lamp fell over and broke — again for no apparent reason. And while the couple was working on the house one day, the vacuum turned on by itself.

Then, there was the motion-sensor incident.

The couple installed a motion sensor in their bedroom closet, intended to trigger the light when someone enters the closet. They found it takes quite a bit of movement to make it work.

“One night we’d just gone to bed and I look and see, under the closet door, the light goes on. Then it goes off, then a few minutes later it comes on,” Lydia said.

It did it for about three hours, at random intervals.

About a year ago, Lydia’s parents spent the night.

“The next morning, my dad said, ‘Lyd, were you doing dishes at 2 in the morning? Were you walking up and down the stairs?’ ” Lydia Gravis said.


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Skeptical of any news agency that can't spell cigarettes.

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