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Origins of old customs

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Reasons of some old customs that are still practiced today:

The gravestone was placed above the head of the body in the grave so that, if a returning spirit should occupy the dead, the body would not be able to sit up. They believed that where there was no gravestone, a vampire could come to life again.

--Ofcourse we now use gravestones as a memorial of the dead.

On halloween, People wore masks to ward off evil. Believing that if they look like demons they would pass them by.

--celebration of Halloween.

The reason of morning a loved ones death was to make sure the spirit of the loved one wouldn't return to it's body. The family of the deceased loved one often paid professional mourners. Sometimes the professional mourner would morn the death for a year or even longer. This is still practiced in some places today.

--The morning of loved ones, obviously for different reasons.

Castles of the early and middle ages frequently carried huge protecting statues on their tops to save the inmates from passing spirits and roving vampires and werewolves.

--Still today we have symbolic pictures on windows of churches and other forms of protecting statues.

"Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep, If I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take." This prayer has been taught to children worldwide, for many centuries. It's original meaning (traced back to the twelfth century) was connected to the fear of one's soul being stolen by an evil influence.

Just found these things to be sort of interesting. It seems that a lot of customs started from superstitions and the fear of the unknown.

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