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Aeronauts Voyage to the Top of the World

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Ive just read an amazing story of early hydrogen balloon exploration, (in 1897) and an attempt made to get to the north pole. Its one Ive never heard before, but was drawn to reading it as Im also a huge fan of Shackleton.

So basically, its something interesting to read, a tale of 3 men, in a tiny basket under a balloon, who want to be first to get to the pole...but then experience ice on the balloon, an inability to control direction, and much bad weather which ultimately leads to them abandoning the balloon and attempting to save themselves, trudging over ever shifting ice flows with treacherous weather conditions, and polar bears wanting to snack on them.

They were truly missing.

29 years later...a ship sends a small boat to a small island... and on that island, remains were found of the expedition... and the diary found tells of the dead mens journey...

If you know and like the amazing survival story of Earnest Shackleton, then here is another. Its from a website I read from time to time, called 'Damn Interesting'

Andrée and the Aeronauts' Voyage to the Top of the World

"On the 11th of July 1897, the world breathlessly awaited word from the small Norwegian island of Danskøya in the Arctic Sea. Three gallant Swedish scientists stationed there were about to embark on an enterprise of history-making proportions, and newspapers around the globe had allotted considerable ink to the anticipated adventure. The undertaking was led by renowned engineer Salomon August Andrée, and he was accompanied by his research companions Nils Strindberg and Knut Fraenkel.

In the shadow of a 67-foot-wide spherical hydrogen balloon--one of the largest to have been built at that time--toasts were drunk, telegrams to the Swedish king were dictated, hands were shook, and notes to loved ones were pressed into palms. "Strindberg and Fraenkel!" Andrée cried, "Are you ready to get into the car?" They were, and they dutifully ducked into the four-and-a-half-foot tall, six-foot-wide carriage suspended from the balloon. The whole flying apparatus had been christened the "Örnen," the Swedish word for "Eagle."

read the whole story!!


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