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Accident or betrayal ?

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William B Stoecker: Throughout modern history there have been mysterious naval incidents, at least some of them clearly “false flag” operations designed to lead nations like the US into avoidable and unnecessary wars. The explosion of the USS Maine, an American battleship in Havana harbor, was blamed on the Spanish, providing a pretext for the Spanish American War. Yet the evidence clearly showed that the ship was destroyed by an internal blast, either a coal dust explosion or a bomb deliberately planted inside... and only American officials and Naval personnel had access to the interior.

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Babe Ruth

Was this incident the first FF event in modern american military history?

It certainly does set the standard for a certain pattern of behavior to get wars started.

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"The Germans certainly torpedoed the Lusitania off the Irish coast, but it was carrying munitions and US and British officials had ignored German warnings and let the passengers sail... and die. It helped lead the US into WWI. There are many unanswered questions about the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, and a pattern of evidence clearly indicating that FDR deliberately provoked the attack and deliberately failed to warn Admiral Kimmel and General Sharp, the US commanders, despite knowing that an attack was coming."

I reply to the above: Balderdash. Prove it.

A Dec. 6, 2012 article by a group of Irish divers on the Lusitania notes that a handful of .303 rifle ammunition, made by Remington Arms in the U.S., was brought to the surface.

Two Irish divers claimed to have seen much, much more ammunition years before. Later attempts to find this ammunition -- estimated to be 4 million cartridges -- were unsuccessful. The area the divers described could not be found by human or robotic diving camera.

As far as I can tell on the internet, no more than a dozen cartridges have been retrieved from the Lusitania.

The claims also beg the question: How can you possibly look through murky waters into the dark hold of a ship that's been lying on the bottom for 100 years and proclaim seeing 4 million cartridges?

It defies description.

Read for yourself at http://diving.ie/news/raising-the-lusitanias-ammunition/

As for the article cited by the OP. It speaks of Roosevelt knowing that the Pearl Harbor attack was imminent, yet not putting the military on alert.

I've heard this allegation since the 1970s -- but never with a credible source. It continues to be repeated as fact -- as in this article's case -- without a shred of evidence.

Hiding an inevitable attack by the Japanese:

1. Would have been against Roosevelt's entire character. He was Secretary of the Navy long before president, and loved the Navy, its ships and personnel.

2. Would gain nothing. Americans would still be outraged against Japan even if they successfully repelled an attack.

3. Would be indefensible by Roosevelt and his administration if it were discovered. It is exceedingly difficult to hide such a startling revelation for long. Many co-conspirators would have to be in on it. Someone would have talked within a few years of the attack.

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth" is often falsely attributed to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels and others. Whoever said it, it remains true and is the guiding force behind much of the internet.

The claim that Roosevelt and others knew of the impending Japanese attack has been repeated so many decades, well before the internet became publicly available, that many consider it a truth.

But without unimpeachable sources, it remains pure speculation if not fabrication.

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