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Danes to launch man into space, a DIY rocket!

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Danes planning to launch a man into space, on a DIY budget!!

Peter Madsen was 10 years old when he watched the Space Shuttle Columbia's first flight on TV in 1981. "I remember being fascinated by the white plumes of steam and the shockwaves of the hydrogen fuel," recalls Madsen. "From then on, I was hooked."

This was a problem for a boy living in Roskilde, Denmark. "There isn't exactly a Cape Canaveral out here, so I got into amateur submarines instead – they're a lot like rockets in many ways," says Madsen, who learned to assemble submarines from scratch and became famous for building a 40-tonne sub with friends for just £125,000 in 2008. "I did a newspaper interview at the time and the journalist asked what I was doing next, so I said I wanted to build a rocket. As soon as the article came out, this guy emailed, saying he could help."

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