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Church of Chelyabinsk Meteorite Founded

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Church of Chelyabinsk Meteorite Founded in Russian Urals

MOSCOW, September 16 (RIA Novosti) – The meteorite that hit Russia’s Urals Mountains in mid-February contained “scriptures” that can usher in a new age on Earth, say followers of a new religious group in Russia, local media reported Monday.

But mishandling the meteorite could cause harm throughout the world and may already be fueling the bloody civil strife in Syria, said Andrei Breivichko, founder of the Church of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite, news website reported.

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They may not be the full deck of cards. They think that the meteor fragment in the lake is like a new Ten commandments combined with Rosseta stone, and though they do not say this directly, it is heavily implied, particulary as Breivichenko thinks he is the new Moses. They also say that the water of the lake of now "holy water", but are being cautious and pouring it over plants first to see if there are any bad effects, seems too late for that........

Link to the site that Novosti uses as their source. It opens on the relevant page, and though all in Russian, it has the video of the "acolytes" holding hands and praying for the "safety" of the meteorite. Chelyabinsk, twinned with California? :)!news/119337

As an afterthought, the Chelyabinsk meteor has had a profound psychological effect on some who were there and witnessed it, so I don't want to be too harsh on them, and they seem harmless.

And Breivichenko is the guy in the red jacket, so if any aliens come out of the meteor, he'd better have "Bones" standing by.....

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