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Still Waters

Rare albino squirrel photographed in Sussex

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Still Waters

Derek Glen, 61, was looking out of the window when he came across a white rodent with red eyes, sitting and eating on the lawn.

Initially thinking it was an escaped pet rat, he looked closer and noticed the animal's bushy tail before picking up his camera to take a photo.

It is estimated there are three to five million grey squirrels in the UK and one in 100,000 are born albino - meaning there could be less than 50 in the wild at any one time.


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You know, this is so interesting to me. One of 50 in the UK. We have an entire festival here where i live in the US celebrating the white squirrels we have so plentifully here.


Here's a link with the story of the white squirrels here. Its pretty funny actually :P

Edit: The white squirrels became so prized that the Brevard City Council voted to approve an ordinance declaring and establishing a sanctuary for squirrels, especially the white ones, in 1986. And that it “shall be unlawful for any person to hunt, kill, trap, or otherwise take any protected squirrels within the city by this section.”

Taken from this website: http://brevardnc.org/white-squirrels/

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I've seen quite a few here in the US - mainly in urban areas. We also had black squirrels when I lived in Syracuse - pretty cool looking.

Regarding the white squirrels, if a population is in a fairly constrained area, you end up with a lot more due to inbreeding among the population.

Not dissimilar to the herd of white deer at the old Seneca Army Depot in Upstate New York.


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Moon Gazer

Oh wow, that is so cute. I've never seen one. Then again, I've only seen wild red squirrels about 10 times in my life (and we do a LOT of hiking). Guess the grey are just taking over.

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