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lost box of snetimental items belong to my mo

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well I have nearly finished searching the cellar and attic in my house as well as the closet the box of moms things may have been placed in.

I am starting to believe they were stolen from her house during her estate sale as perhaps I did not take them to my house after I put them there for sale keeping.

I am extremely upset over this and wondering if anyone can see what happened to the box

should I give up looking in my house as the whole attic has not been searched 100% as of yet or is it a lost cause.

Any advice appreciated


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here is some more info

I put the box in her attic when I was going away for Christmas in 2010 as her house had an alarm.. I know I moved it after I came back as the entire attic was cleared out with only some things remaining. I really cannot imagine that I would left the box of valuables in the attic and not bring it back to my own home for safe keeping.

I have no recollection of leaving the box in her attic nor of bringing it to my house. My mind is a total blank!

When the estate sale people came they specifically asked if there was gold or jewelry for sale and I said NO without even a flinch. I remember telling my husband we had to check the locks on our house every time we left as we had valuables in the home but not sure this was before or after the time I put the box in mom;s house. I am at a total loss!

There were 4 people- 2 married couples running the sale with a helper who moved things up and down the stairs at their direction. The box would have been in the attic of the house.

The company was reputable but I did not like the looks of the helper very much.

I am very upset over the loss of this box of mom's personal items and was wondering if anyone could do a reading or see anything about this.

I know I will never rest until I know what happened to this box.

I was thinking of contacting the estate sale company although it is 2 1/2 years later and asking them about their helper and his character. Someone told me I am looking for trouble accusing him when I do not know. The estate sale company has been in business since 1990 and came very highly recommended. I wonder though why they asked about gold and valuables though- perhaps to rob them if they found them? Am I being paranoid?

This is making me crazy!

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