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What's your mythos about werewolves?

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I'm working on a novel and I have a werewolf character. I have a few different mythologies I'm pulling from for them, but I'm curious what other people believe. Like this doesn't have to be researched--it can be what you personally think would be a cool way for werewolves to change, how their pack dynamics work, etc.

I just want any and all beliefs pertaining to werewolves, so throw them at me!

If you want examples to get you started, these are some of the tenants I'm currently drawing from:

- the change is extremely painful for them as their bones literally grow/break to compensate the change

- there is an Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic

- Werewolf lines descend from main geographic areas. North America, Hungary, Germany, etc. Each of these lines have very specific traits (what these are, I haven't decided/researched, so feel free to drop me some ideas)

Thanks in advance to those who contribute.

(And if I posted this in the wrong place, just say so and I'll remove/move it. I'm new, so I'm just hoping this is the right sub forum.)

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If you're going from regions, look at the wolves from each region. That should give you a mix of different looking wolves.

I mean outside of accents from each region.

Welcome to Um!

If i think of something cooler, I'll be sure to drop you a line.

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