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Domestic cats are 95% tiger


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I don't know about Siberian, I am not That good at Iding tigers, but the above cat is definitely a white tiger and no he isn't what I was talking about when I read the UM home page story this thread was linked to / started by there was what looked to me like a snow leopard at the top of the story they looked very different from white Tigers, at least to me.

the cubs in the post above this one are snow leopards, and they both look annoyed

Yeah, I don't think you would have mistaken them. They have very different markings. Perhaps the mistake was noticed and pic replaced?

Like most young of any species, they probably hate to sit still to take pics! lol

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Are you talking about this guy?


He's a Siberian White Tiger, according to the caption in the article.

Unless I missed some other pics. :)

The breeding of the white tigers has always been something that p***ed me off. They're inbred due to the gene that makes them white being recessive. Fathers bred with daughters and mothers with their sons. I mean, think about the chances of survival of a white animal in their natural habitat--the exception being animals in the arctic or colder regions of the globe. It just wouldn't happen. I've read circumstances of the mother abandoning the white cub because of how it stands out in its environment, making them both a target to other predators. Also, imagine should the white animal amazingly reach adulthood; as predators, the prey would easily be able to pick up on its presence. Zoos are culprits for over-breeding their tigers because of the draw of people who pay to come and see them. They're always cross-eyed since the optical nerve is usually always opposite of what it should be, along with other problems caused wholly upon the inbreeding. Ugh. End rant. And I wasn't targeting your answer in particular, but ever since I discovered this information it's kind of driven me insane to the point I can't keep my "mouth" shut xD

Here's a link if you're interested on something backing my argument:


This is only one of many reasons why I really don't like the human species AS a species. We do more bad than good and the animals and the environment suffer for it. :(

But back to the actual topic here xD

I've always thought my cats were miniature tigers anyway. Though, I'm sure the human race will find a way to take advantage of the feline species even further. Maybe there'll be a new underground market where you can get a jumbo sized domesticated cat and we'll have no reason to appreciate the actual wild kin of our furry friends -_-

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