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Help With My Hair

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This might be an odd reading request but much help is appreciated. I feel like someone could help me with this problem.

Okay, I have shaved my head with clippers 7 times over a period of 2 in a half years. I recently clipped it September 26.

I keep clipping it to start all over again and because I hate my hair texture. My hair usually grows fast due to genetics but

It has been slow according to my mother. She keeps telling me I keep washing it too much. But it's because I've been

experimenting with oils and products (which probably are unnecessary) but I ignore and keep doing.

Basically, I've been using oils to try to grow my hair faster but my scalp ends up itching and I wash them off. I go days

repeating the same process ignoring that I end up with the same results. I have a cabinet filled with tons of different shampoos

because I can never make up mind on which one I like or to stick to. My significant other used his intuition and told me he

saw something about protein with my hair. I accepted but wanted to check on here to see if anyone is picking up the same thing

or something different to help me make a decision on a shampoo to stick with. Sometimes I don't follow my own intuition and need

help from others. I have a Suave 2 in 1 ph balanced shampoo that's been sitting in my drawer for a long time. I keep feeling that's what

I should stick to and avoid oils.

Is anyone getting anything and sorry for the weird request.

Love and Light

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The texture of your hair is genetic. Stuff you put on the outside can only do so much. IMO you need to primarily get some counseling for your OCD. Eat a good balanced diet, keep your hair clean, toss the clippers out with the trash. Just my personal thoughts on the situation.

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So you want to start over again.

You wish to break old ties with something from your family life and past.

You wish to start a new, a fresh…. Ok,


Drink two litres of pure filtered water, over the course of each day. No need to rush it and no need to drink more than a pint with in an hour… As this will be too much for your kidneys.

By doing this, you will hydrate not only your hair but whole system.

No shampoo or conditioner will make your hair grow faster as such but may help to add shine.

As you have a cupboard full of oils and shampoos, i suggest you use one for three months at a time, Then change to another one and so on. This way you will get to find which ones you like best, nothing is wasted and it will prevent any build up of chemical residue from any one particular shampoo or conditioner/ oil building up and therefore dulling your hair.

If you have the oils any way, you may as well give them a try but I suggest you apply them just before shampooing, say 20 mins before you wash your hair, not after.

This is an ancient Ayurveda practice and seems to give the hair just the right amount of treatment.

I personally use almond oil all over my hair, body, up my nose and in my ears just before showering…..Not much mind, as a little goes a long way but... i digress.

You haven't said how often you use the shampoos, so if it is every day…. May i suggest you stop.

As your natural oils/ sebum… Hasn't the time to work down the shaft of the hair follicles from your scalp…Instead why not try….Gently massaging your scalp with out any product at all for two days out of three. Every third days using the shampoo, as your hair is short it will only need one application the size of a bean.

Sept 26th … You didn't say if you used a guard on the blade of the clippers or not but lets say you didn't. This will mean your hair is what, half an inch at most. so, your natural oils don't have that far to travel as it is. If your hair was longer i would suggest a wide toothed comb as well as the scalp massage as combing will draw your natural oils down and along the hair shaft.

Some times dull, poor textured hair is due to atmospheric pollutants clinging to the hair or having hard water when shampooing or not washing all the shampoo from the hair properly and then there is the possible over use of such things and straighteners and blow drying incorrectly and so on. But if your hair is as short as a grade one then this is not the problem here.

Shaving ones hair off is a common practise when wishing to rid ones self of ones past and has been used through out history as such. As the hair, so close to the brains/ memory/ thinking and all. Hair seem to take on a quality of historic antenna, linking and holding us to the past. So therefore to some cutting off the hair is a very physical way of breaking those connections with ones past… If you see what i mean.

Keratin and collagen based conditioners may help with the condition of your hair. Collagen can be taken in tablet form which will not only strengthen your hair but your ability to heal, your skin tone will be improved and your bones and nails will be stronger too.

Okay… once again i have written way too much, any ways….hope this helps.

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I apologize, this is my first post and I haven't even introduced myself before, but as you can see from my name, I am fascinated with hair (I've used this screen name in some other forums, and I just happened to see another person here with the name 'PixieCutLover.')

I don't know anything about your life situation. But I wonder if you started using antidepressants a couple years ago, or any other psychiatric drug. These drugs can cause people to do impulsive and self-destructive things such as cutting their own hair repeatedly. Antidepressants also affect hair growth, slowing it down, sometimes making it fall out and get thinner and look more ragged. I myself started losing a lot of hair when I used antidepressants in the past, and when I stopped using them, my hair grew back. These drugs also cause weight gain.

If you happen to be using any antidepressants, you cannot stop taking them suddenly, because sudden withdrawal from antidepressants will cause extremely severe and life-threatening symptoms. People who want to stop using psychiatric drugs should talk to their doctors about withdrawal symptoms, but doctors won't always tell you the truth about how dangerous the drug withdrawal is. The stories you can read on the internet are more accurate than what the doctors will often tell you. If you withdraw, you have to just cut back on the dosage slowly, and you have to be *extremely* careful and observe every little mood swing, because your moods can get completely out of control while your body goes through withdrawal, and you can have a breakdown, go crazy, or even hurt yourself.

Then again, I could be totally off and this problem might have nothing to do with drugs at all.

The next thing that I would wonder is, did you become a vegetarian a few years ago? It is difficult to get all of your nutrients unless you have a carefully planned vegetarian diet. (Lilly also said to eat a good diet, above.) Protein is not the only nutrient that you could have a shortage of. You could also be failing to get enough saturated animal fats in your diet. Believe it or not, saturated animal fat is a necessary, healthy nutrient - you just shouldn't get tons and tons of it. Your body needs some fats, including saturated fat. If you don't get enough fat in your diet, your body isn't able to absorb fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamin A, D, E, or K. Almost any nutrient deficiency could affect the way your hair grows, even if you don't know specifically what nutrient you're missing. So you could eat a greasy burger once in a while, or drink whole milk instead of skim milk, once in a while, or eat whole eggs with yolks. You need to get at least a little bit of these fats.

I myself used to always use Suave, the cheapest one, and I used the Daily Clarifying type because it had the fewest added ingredients and didn't make my hair feel yucky. This isn't applicable anymore because I have dreadlocks nowadays and I rarely shampoo my hair. But in the past I had my favorite shampoo and my favorite conditioner too. I loved Finesse conditioner, because for some reason it made my hair easy to comb and soft without feeling waxy. Other conditioners made my hair waxy.

When I was younger, people thought it was a good thing to have naturally curly hair. But then, they invented the Sedu hair straightener, and other similar straighteners, and suddenly, perfectly straight, perfectly shiny, perfectly smooth hair became the popular style that you 'MUST HAVE,' and any other hair texture became frowned upon and viewed as inferior or undesirable. But there are many people, such as myself, who love and value the natural texture variations of hair of people of all races, straight, curly, wavy, afro-textured. Natural hair is a good, beautiful, healthy, real thing, even though the fashion models have artificially straightened hair and the people on television and all that.

I'll shut up now, sorry for writing such a huge message for my first post when you don't even know me. I hope you have some ideas for what to do about your problem. I used to chop off my hair too when I was in college, and it was frustrating. I did it when I was under stress or upset about something. I didn't shave it all the way to the scalp, but I would cut it just when it was starting to get a little bit long. I'd do it whenever I felt helpless and trapped and frustrated and unable to change my life situation. I was thinking, 'I can't fix this problem in my life, but I *can* make this huge, drastic, permanent change to my hair!' It was a way of feeling like I was able to *do* something, anything at all.

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Hello The_Sensual_one,

You really don't need a reading for this question, and all of the respondants had great suggestions. I just had one other suggestion, if you are still having this same problem. You know, you can always buy a wig. Some of the newer wigs available are made with real hair too!

The other thing I would suggest is to go to your medical doctor and request a prescription for your OCD, while you work out why you are doing this. It has to do with some residual from a past life, but it also has to do with self esteem issues. There is no shame in getting some professional counseling. I have received counseling for an issue I had and it helped a great deal, and to be honest, I really don't know a single soul that couldn't benefit at some point int their lives from some sort of counseling. You will want to make sure the person you chose has proper credentials.

I think addressing these immediate issues are important, and once you start feeling like your making progress, then I would be happy to do a reading for you, but I am not a professional physician or psychologist, so I think starting there first would be the best place to start.

I hope this situation improves for you. I wish you the very best!

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If your hair is coarse use extra virgin olive oil once per week. Comb it thoroughly into you hair and leave it alone. As for your OCD, I agree with the above.

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